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Today, ReactJS is the world's most popular framework for building web applications

It has not only the largest community of developers but also the maintaining of Facebook, that is, it has the reliable support of a large corporation. Now ReactJS is as popular as possible with customers, and the largest number of projects are written on it.

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What benefits do I get as a customer if I choose the app on ReactJS?

Among the advantages of ReactJS is s very good performance on the user side. When you choose ReactJS for your company’s app, it gets:

Ease with implementation interactive animation

Simple UI tool for quick building complex designs

Stable solutions maintainable for next years

Popular framework used in numerous delivered projects

Famous Apps Built Using ReactJS

The most famous messenger uses React to give a better experience to the users.

You have probably heard about the Discord app for gamers. The game enables chatting between the team, allows checking the availability, and catches up on text conversations. Using React.js, 98% of the code on iOS and Android was shared, which is the best example of using cross-platform app development.

Khan Academy is a free educational app that helps millions of students all around the world use React library to update the traditional backbone and get better results for their users.

The VR app created by one of the most famous media factual television conglomerates allows millions of their users to explore new characters, places, and ideas every day. React gave this app a new opportunity as the technology has given an immersing experience to its users like never before.

Objective advantages of ReactJS

The advantages of developing on ReactJS are relevant for both programmers and customers.

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Business benefits

Why hiring certified ReactJS developers will give you a business competitive advantage:

Efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solutions for your business in terms of future development

Lower cost of maintaining the app and fixing the bugs

Opportunity to get the top-notch know-how and transfer it to your internal team

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