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Revolutionize your real estate business with our proptech software development services. From virtual tours to AI powered property analysis, we help you stay ahead of the competition. Real estate software developers on demand.

Real estate software development experts

Revolutionize the real estate industry with our proptech developers and software development solutions. We provide cutting-edge technology to enhance your business with innovative solutions, from property management to virtual tours.

Custom Software Development

As a proptech developer we create software tailored directly to real estate company needs. Designed, developed, and maintained with one purpose - to help your company stand out in real estate industry.

CRM Software

Custom handy technology that improves business relationships with a simple goal: to help your organization grow among other real estate companies.

ERP Software

Do you consider custom ERP software for your company? Software solution that helps you run your entire real estate development business day-to-day; finance, HR, supply chain, services - all in one system.

PropTech is a rapidly growing trend in the housing market as more people shift from buying to renting. This trend leads to an increase in the demand for rental properties and, subsequently, the growth of rental facilities and companies. We are at the forefront of this trend, providing cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance your rental business. By developing custom property management software solutions we boost our clients' business results.

    real estate software development services Mobile Reality

    Modern consumers demand technology to enhance their user experience, giving them control over various aspects of their real estate environment through digital channels such as mobile phones. Protech can provide this technology, allowing real estate consumers to control access, temperature, lighting, and more, meeting their growing needs and expectations. With our mobile app development services, we create tenant-centric applications that increase satisfaction and effectiveness.

      proptech software development solutions Mobile Reality

      What are the pros of the real estate software development?

      Real estate software development offers numerous benefits, such as automation, cost-effectiveness, and efficient property management. Discover how it can enhance your real estate business and stay ahead of the competition in real estate industry.

      • Market monitoringStay up-to-date with all the real estate market changes, new investments, increased interest, and price fluctuations with our custom proptech software solutions.
      • Immersive experienceOffer your customers an interactive journey around the property they want with 360 virtual tours that can be integrated with your real estate business.
      • Online managementSaves time with convenience, contactless check-in, guest management, and smart home systems with a property management platform customized to your needs.
      • SecurityGet information about possible fraudulent transactions, manage your safety systems, and get security notifications with custom payment management software tailored to your real estate business.
      real estate solutions proptech software
      • UsabilityUser-centered, intuitive design gives you and your customers unique experience within the app.
      • AutomationCreate automated real estate reports, dashboards, and workflows for property managers. Save your time and focus on improvements with custom real estate software.
      • Real-time updatesKeep your tenants up-to-date by sending important maintenance updates within the custom, mobile real estate apps created by our development team.
      • SupportHave access to online and offline, real-time user support systems with custom proptech development solutions for real estate business.
      proptech software development services Mobile Reality

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      Explore our past successes and see our expertise in action with our real estate and proptech case studies. Discover how we've helped real estate businesses drive growth and success from mobile apps to data analysis.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      We typically begin real estate development with a product design workshop to define key features and technical aspects of the desired real estate software. Additionally, this phase of the software development process helps us understand APIs to integrate and create initial designs. We can provide examples and estimates of workload and cost. After the workshop phase, we can proceed with a fixed price or time and material cooperation regarding the real estate software development project, depending on your preference. Fixed price offers a stable scope, deadline, and budget, while time and material allow for more flexibility.

      In the past, we developed and released on the market the following real estate solutions: : custom customer relationship management system for enterprise clients, real estate data lake software, real estate management software, custom proptech solution to visualize DWG projects of large real estate investments to navigate through team during real estate development and building process, real estate management software to rent business spaces in the cities, auction app for real estate properties.

      Choosing custom real estate development over available SaaS tools might be a strategically savvy choice for several reasons. A bespoke real estate system allows for the creation of a platform meticulously tailored to the nuanced needs and unique features that elevate your real estate business, providing a competitive edge and fully aligning with your business objectives. This path ensures scalability and future-proofing, offering a flexible, adaptive proptech solution that can effortlessly grow alongside your business. With custom real estate software development, organizations can maintain unequivocal control over their data, ensuring rigorous adherence to data protection regulations and command over system features and functionalities. It allows the crafting of an optimized user experience, precise branding, and seamless integrations with other platforms, which might be pivotal for streamlined operations and customer satisfaction. Moreover, custom real estate solutions, for example, for real estate agents, pave the way for implementing fortified security protocols, ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory standards, and safeguarding sensitive data. From a financial perspective, while it demands a more considerable initial investment, custom real estate development can be proven to be cost-effective in the long run, eschewing ongoing subscription costs and providing more direct control over resource management. Lastly, it provides the leverage of dedicated support, ensuring that proptech system maintenance and enhancements are timely, pertinent, and in sync with your real estate business’s evolving needs, thus providing a sustainable, competitive advantage in the real estate industry.

      We have a team of 25 experienced real estate software and proptech developers and specialists skilled in various technologies, including QA specialists, UX/UI/graphics Designers, and Product and Project Managers. Our team size is flexible and adapts to real estate project needs. We carefully select the team members depending on the software development project's specific requirements. Our team size is adjustable and adapts to the needs of each project. We assure you that we have the necessary resources to take on any project and deliver it on time and within budget.

      In Mobile Reality, we usually suggest the following cooperation flow: daily internal meetings with the presence of the client's representatives and project/delivery manager from Mobile Reality,everyday daily communication and clarifying scope and features,one or two weekly status meetings between client and Mobile Reality,demonstration of the system after significant scope implementation,and daily communication on Slack channels with ad-hoc meetings to address everyday issues.

      We are a full-stack JavaScript software company specializing in web app development using ReactJS or VueJS on the front end, NodeJS for the backend, and AWS for cloud solutions. We also specialize in mobile app development by using React Native for cross-platform compatibility. As web design tools, we use Figma or Adobe XD apps. To carry out the QA services we use Xray or TestRails app.

      Signing an SLA agreement with us after the app is in production is recommended for on-demand improvements and changes. We offer a hours package of availability per month, with dedicated hours for critical and standard issues, with response and reaction times of 1 and 8 business hours, respectively.

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