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CBRE ZoneRevolutionizing commercial property management software with CBRE ZONE

CBRE Zone, a visionary project by Mobile Reality, represents the pinnacle in custom commercial real estate property management software, exclusively tailored for CBRE Spain's dynamic needs. It is meticulously engineered to forge a seamless connection between CBRE's robust infrastructure and its diverse clientele, thereby establishing a comprehensive ecosystem for managing and streamlining key operations within the bustling commercial property management sector. This innovative platform enhances organizational efficiency and transforms how stakeholders interact, collaborate, and drive growth in the real estate domain.

commercial real estate software

Scope of work

  • Web development

  • Mobile development

  • Node JS

  • React JS

  • React Native

  • UX/UI Design

  • AWS Cloud

Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Management Software

As a leading commercial real estate management software, CBRE Zone facilitates efficient property management through its mobile and web platforms. Its robust features make it an indispensable tool for commercial property managers, enhancing their capacity to handle commercial portfolios effectively.

CBRE Zone is powered by a suite of advanced technologies, including React JS, React Native, and Node JS. This property management software integrates seamlessly with AWS, Tableau, AmCharts, and Terraform, ensuring a top-tier experience for commercial property management users.

The design and graphical layout of the CBRE Zone app is pivotal in defining the user experience and functionality of this comprehensive commercial property management platform. The interface showcased in the screenshots provided blends modern aesthetics with practical functionality, reflecting the advanced nature of the commercial real estate software.

commercial real estate management software

Cloud Architecture and Top-Notch Features of Property Management Solution

Mobile Reality's expertise in cloud architecture, particularly in AWS, stands at the forefront of our property management solution. This focus ensures that CBRE Zone is not just a software but a complete commercial property management platform, capable of handling complex tasks such as lease management and accounting for property managers.

Getting back to designs the primary navigation menu, visible on the left side of the web interface, employs a minimalist icon-based design that is both intuitive and space-efficient. This allows users to quickly access different sections like News, Reports, and Forecast Advisory, making the software an all-in-one management tool for commercial property managers.

The News section is thoughtfully designed with a clean and clear layout, featuring headlines and summaries in a card-style interface. This approach makes it easy to browse through the latest commercial real estate news and ensures that the property managers remain updated with minimal effort.

The house price analytics dashboard showcases the software’s capability to handle complex data visualization. Vibrant graphs and easy toggle options for different data sets exemplify how commercial property management systems can simplify interpreting extensive real estate data.

In the forecasting section, the design facilitates an interactive experience where users can select databases, locations, and indicators to generate customized reports. This level of customization in the layout ensures that commercial property managers can make informed decisions based on specific data relevant to their properties or portfolios.

commercial real estate property management software
  • Expertises

    Real Estate & Prop-tech

  • Timeline

    05.2019 - 11.2019

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Addressing Industry Needs with Commercial Property Management Systems

The development of the CBRE Zone involved overcoming challenges in integrating diverse systems like ADFS and Sharepoint. Our solution serves not just as custom commercial property management software but extends to offer tools for lease management, commercial portfolio management, and even functions as residential property management software.

The User Management screen is another example of the software’s commitment to streamlined user experience. User details are neatly organized in tabular format with color-coded roles for quick identification, which is crucial for real estate management teams to operate efficiently.

The calendar interface adopts a familiar, user-friendly layout similar to many standard scheduling tools, making it immediately accessible to new users. It provides a quick overview of upcoming real estate and CBRE events, allowing for efficient time management and planning.,

commercial real estate management software development

Feedback from the Commercial Management Sector

The success of CBRE Zone in the commercial management domain is reflected in the glowing testimonial from Victor Tomas Perez of CBRE Spain. His praise not only validates our efforts but also emphasizes our unwavering dedication to delivering a total management solution that exceeds expectations and meets the multifaceted needs of contemporary commercial property managers, ensuring adaptability and strategic asset management.

commercial real estate property management software development

Future-Proofing Commercial Real Estate Software

Looking ahead, Mobile Reality remains dedicated to evolving CBRE Zone, ensuring it stays at the forefront of commercial property management systems. Our goal is to continuously provide a comprehensive suite that addresses the dynamic needs of the commercial real estate software market, including the realms of commercial leases, products, and total management tools.

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As a Project Manager, I have worked with many subcontractors. I consider Mobile Reality Company one of the best subcontractors in the IT sector I’ve cooperated. They exemplify quality, craftsmanship and professional ethics desired in a subcontractor.

Victor Tomas Perez

Project Manager, CBRE Spain

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Frequently Asked Questions

CBRE Zone stands out due to its custom development for CBRE Spain, offering a tailored solution that bridges the gap between the company and its clients. It is built with a suite of advanced technologies like React JS, React Native, and Node JS, and integrates seamlessly with AWS, Tableau, AmCharts, and Terraform. This ensures a user-friendly experience and a robust set of features designed specifically to enhance the efficiency of commercial property managers.
CBRE Zone enhances property managers' capacity through its mobile and web platform, offering powerful tools to streamline workflows and optimize operational efficiencies. It provides a comprehensive system for managing essential functions such as lease management, accounting, and reporting, which are pivotal in commercial portfolio management. The platform's advanced data visualization and custom reporting features enable property managers to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.
Yes, CBRE Zone is designed for seamless integration with various systems and technologies common in the commercial property management sector, such as ADFS and Sharepoint. Its flexible architecture allows for the incorporation of additional tools and services, making it a scalable solution that can adapt to the evolving needs of the commercial property management industry.
Absolutely. Mobile Reality is dedicated to the continuous improvement and innovation of CBRE Zone. Future enhancements are in the pipeline to ensure that CBRE Zone not only keeps pace with but also sets trends in the commercial property management market. These include advanced analytics, AI-driven insights, and further integration capabilities to provide a comprehensive, future-proof management suite.