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TUROTURO - Leading Construction Project Management Software

The construction management revolution with TURO, developed by Mobile Reality, represents the pinnacle of project management construction software. It stands as a transformative solution in the construction industry, integrating advanced construction software and project management tools to streamline construction projects. This innovative platform exemplifies the best in construction project management software, catering to the needs of general contractors, specialty contractors, and construction companies alike.

construction management software

Scope of work

  • Web development

  • DWG to SVG converter

  • Node JS

  • React JS

  • UX/UI Design

  • AWS Cloud

Construction Software Technology

Construction management tools redefined. Our scope of work in creating TURO involved critical aspects of software development tailored for the construction business. Utilizing construction management software technologies like Node JS and React JS, we focused on delivering a user-friendly experience. The integration of DWG to SVG converter underlines our commitment to offering advanced tools in our builder software, meeting the diverse needs of the field.

project management software construction

New Era of Project Management Software Construction

Redefining project management in construction. The challenge was multifaceted: to create an administration panel and a business user panel that redefine mobile project management software. TURO's unique approach to construction document management sets it apart as a premier construction project management tool. Our solution is not just software; it's a comprehensive management system for any construction project.

Centralized Platform: TURO serves as a one-stop solution, bringing together all project-related aspects, thus minimizing errors, saving time, and reducing costs.

Dedicated Specialist Team: Our engineers ensure the continuous accuracy, clarity, and consistency of the project documentation.

On-Site Presence: Facilitating real-time progress reporting and the creation of cohesive post-construction documentation.

Seamless Access to Information: By moving away from traditional data folders, TURO allows direct access to documentation from the building map, effectively eliminating the hassle of searching for current drawings and descriptions.

Comprehensive Service Offering: TURO provides services that streamline document management, enabling users to locate any project at any stage, in any place, and at any time.

project management construction software
  • Expertises

    Real Estate & Prop-tech

  • Timeline

    08.2021 - 12.2021

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Ergonomic Design of Construction Management Software

TURO's interface, as showcased in the provided images, is the epitome of ergonomic design in construction management software. With its clean, intuitive dashboard, users can effortlessly navigate through various project stages, access organizational settings, and manage user permissions with just a few clicks. The platform's design is clearly focused on optimizing construction scheduling and budgeting, two pillars of successful project management in the construction industry.

The application's layout, with its sharp lines and accessible menus, supports general contractors and project managers in maintaining updated schedules and tight budget control. From the detailed technical drawings to the structured project information, every aspect of the software is crafted to ensure that managing a construction project is as streamlined and error-free as possible.

TURO's commitment to improving the construction project workflow is evident in the layout that displays all essential information at a glance—whether it's a live update from the field or a detailed elevation outline. This commitment to detail empowers users to make informed decisions quickly, keeping projects on track and within the financial scope.

In essence, TURO not only enhances project management efficiency but also redefines user experience in construction management tools, setting a new standard for both functionality and design.

construction management software development

Project Management Redefined: A Game-Changer for Construction Companies

Building the future with TURO: project management software for construction. TURO is not just another builder software; it's a game-changer for construction companies seeking the best construction project management solutions. From Buildertrend to Autodesk Construction Cloud and Procore, TURO competes with the top names by offering comprehensive project management construction software solutions that are both efficient and user-friendly.

project management software construction development

Mobile Reality's Impact on Construction Project Management

Transforming construction business with advanced management software. Mobile Reality's development of TURO marks a significant milestone in the evolution of construction management tools. As a leading construction project management software, TURO provides unmatched capabilities in the realm of construction document management and mobile project management software. It's more than a tool—it's a partner for general contractors and construction companies aiming to excel in their projects.

project management construction software development

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