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Mobile Reality Team has been developing applications on React Native for years and have never regretted it. “Cross-platform” helps our customers to significantly reduce budget and time costs — high speed of work is achieved through the simultaneous development of iOS and Android versions. Over the past few years, the framework has gained popularity and earned the status of a first-class solution for cross-platform mobile development.

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What is React Native

React Native is a JavaScript framework with which you can create native mobile applications. Facebook released the first publicly available versions in 2015. Unlike older technologies, with React Native you can save 30% -35% of your time and budget on creating apps for iOS and Android compared to older technologies.

Real results of React Native implementation by global corporations:

Thousands of applications have been written on React Native. Here are examples of popular:

Technological benefits

Thanks to the Mobile Reality React Native knowledge and our experts you will get:

Minimize mistakes and their impact on the project

Ensure that the project requirements are fulfilled

High-quality code or improve the overall quality of the existing codebase

Improved code readability

Objective advantages of React Native

The advantages of developing React Native apps are relevant for both programmers and customers.

Creating an application on React Native 10 is faster and cheaper than on any other framework, but the quality of the product does not suffer, and sometimes even vice versa. 5 Reasons to Choose React Native for your Project:

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Business benefits

Why hiring certified React Native developers will give you a business competitive advantage:

Efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solutions for your business in terms of future development

Lower cost of maintaining the app and fixing the bugs

Opportunity to get the top-notch know-how and transfer it to your internal team

Why work with Mobile Reality?


On the market since 2016


Certified developers


Owners and maintainers of Open Source projects


Experienced in working with a wide range of clients, from startups to enterprises

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Irek Róg - Frontend Leader/React Native Expert

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