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Mobile Reality helps companies to explore various methods to effectively optimize their business using Flow & Cadence Blockchain Services. We analyze individual products and services that make it easy to implement a full-fledged blockchain infrastructure, assessing its innovative potential for your business.

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Objective advantages of Flow & Cadence

Experts highlight the following advantages of the technology

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Business benefits

The most popular tasks that the blockchain solves:

Allows you to confirm the authenticity and origin of the goods

Distributed registry technology — blockchain — is a good tool for combating counterfeit and counterfeit products. So, for retail chains that work with a large number of suppliers, blockchain helps to increase and strengthen the trust of buyers. The technology allows you to track the entire supply chain, starting from the manufacturer, and you can check products for compliance with environmental and other standards.

Increases the security and transparency of financial transactions

As a result, the market is better protected from fraudsters. In addition, blockchain reduces costs and shortens the timing of cross- border payments, which makes financial services available to a wide range of people.

Helps to resolve disputes

The data that is recorded in the blockchain cannot be corrected or erased. Therefore, when resolving a conflict situation, you can be sure of the authenticity of the information.

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Leszek Kopeć - Backend Expert/Flow & Cadence Expert

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