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Explore the top 10 identity and access management solutions that offer robust user management and security for modern digital needs.
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Published at24.11.2023
Matt Sadowski
Matt Sadowski

CEO @ Custom Software Development Expert

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Identity and Access Management Systems
  2. Customized Approach to IAM and User Management Solutions
  3. Criteria for Selecting the Top 10 Best Identity and Access Management and User Management Solutions
  4. Conclusion: Navigating the Best IAM Solutions for Your Needs
  5. Software rankings!

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Introduction to Identity and Access Management Systems

While digitalization in companies speeds up, the number of scams, frauds, and security breaches is higher each day. From the perspective of a software tool creator like a company or individual entrepreneur who is going to develop a new B2B software and sell it to Clients around the world or has already done it, this aspect is a significant risk for his future or current business. To address the challenges associated with keeping sensitive data and securing the whole authorization process, IAM solutions serve as gatekeepers of critical information and streamline user experiences. For businesses and organizations worldwide, Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management have become crucial in an era when digital security is paramount.

We can only imagine a web platform by creating a user account and setting the password. This short process, which should be relatively easy to implement from an implementation perspective, generates multiple challenges associated with managing digital identities and access rights.

No company or SaaS provider can overstate the importance of IAM systems and processes. The third-party or custom-built IAM solutions should protect sensitive data against unauthorized access or ensure compliance with stringent regulatory requirements such as GDPR.

Stay tuned as we delve into the top 10 best Identity and Access Management and User Management solutions. We guide you through different options and IAM systems to help you decide on your organization's unique needs.

Customized Approach to IAM and User Management Solutions

At Mobile Reality, as a custom software development provider, we prioritize a client-centric approach in crafting Identity and Access Management and User Management (IAM) solutions within digital platforms. Dozens of delivered projects allow us to work out 3 different approaches regarding dealing with the development of the IAM and user management modules. Our process is rooted in a deep analysis of both the software and business requirements of our clients. This meticulous approach enables us to tailor our recommendations effectively, ensuring that the chosen IAM solution aligns seamlessly with the client's specific needs and objectives.

Recommending Third-Party Pre-Built Solutions

  • Initial Analysis: We begin by thoroughly understanding the client's business model, operational needs, and security requirements. This helps in identifying if a third-party IAM solution is the best fit.

  • Benefits of Third-Party Solutions: For many clients, we recommend third-party solutions due to their cost-effectiveness, reliability, and quick deployment capabilities. These solutions are often equipped with advanced security features and comply with various regulatory standards, making them a suitable choice for businesses seeking a robust yet efficient IAM system.

  • Custom Integration: Our development team ensures these third-party solutions integrate smoothly with the client's existing systems. The implementation that we carry out provides a seamless user experience and maintains the integrity of their operational workflows with the rest of the business modules of the system that we built or we will create within the planned web or mobile platform.

Implementing Our Custom Authentication Module

  • Customization and Flexibility: When a more tailored solution is required, we offer our custom authentication module. Mobile Reality's module is designed to be highly customizable, allowing us to modify it according to the specific demands and nuances of the client's business. We have implemented fundaments and developed functions required for most authorization and user management workflows.

  • Integration with Client Applications: Our custom and pre-build module can be seamlessly embedded into the client's existing software, or providing a balance between personalized features and the reliability of a tested solution.

  • Security and Compliance: We ensure that our custom module adheres to the highest standards of security and is compliant with relevant data protection regulations, providing peace of mind and a secure environment for our clients.

Our custom identity and access management module allows our Clients to shorten development and implementation time compared to building such a module from scratch. With authentication and 3rd party authorization features (Facebook or Google sign-in) we can embed our software into Client software and speed up the product development process.

Marcin Sadowski, CTO at Mobile Reality

Building a Complete Module from Scratch

  • Fully Tailored Solutions: In scenarios where unique business needs or complex requirements are present, we possess the expertise to build an entire IAM module from scratch.

  • Collaborative Development Process: This process involves close collaboration with the client, ensuring that every aspect of the IAM solution is crafted to meet their exact specifications and integrate flawlessly with their operational ecosystem.

  • Long-Term Support and Scalability: We provide ongoing support and ensure that the solution is scalable, enabling our clients to adapt and grow without worrying about the limitations of their IAM system.

Criteria for Selecting the Top 10 Best Identity and Access Management and User Management Solutions

In curating our list of the top 10 best Identity and Access Management Systems (IAM) and User Management solutions, Mobile Reality adheres to a stringent selection process. Our criteria are designed to ensure that each solution not only meets the highest standards of performance and reliability but also reflects the needs and preferences of a wide range of users. Below, you can find the key criteria we used in our selection.

Significant Focus on Identity and Access Management Solutions and User Management Tools

In selecting the top 10 best Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management solutions, our approach centers on a marked emphasis on specialization and innovation within the realm of IAM and user management tools.

At the core of our selection criteria is the degree of specialization in IAM solutions. We give priority to those solutions that primarily focus on IAM, as this specialization typically results in more sophisticated features such as user access permissions, type of authentication, privilege accounts, enhanced security measures, and a more nuanced understanding of the specific challenges associated with IAM.

Substantial Number of Reviews on External Platforms

In our methodology for ranking the top Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management solutions, we place considerable importance on external validation, particularly in the form of user feedback and community engagement.

User feedback plays a pivotal role in our assessment. We specifically look for solutions that have accumulated a substantial number of user reviews on esteemed platforms such as G2.com, TrustRadius, and Product Hunt. The volume of reviews serves as a critical indicator of the solution's widespread adoption and user acceptance. This abundance of user feedback provides a reliable gauge of the solution's overall impact and efficacy in real-world scenarios.

High Rating Based on User Reviews

In our evaluation process for determining the top Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management solutions, a significant criterion we consider is the quality of user feedback, specifically focusing on user satisfaction and the consistency of positive reviews.

User satisfaction is a key indicator in our selection process. Solutions that receive high ratings from users gain preference in our rankings. These ratings are a direct reflection of user satisfaction and serve as valuable insights into the solution's usability, feature set, and overall performance. High user ratings often suggest that the solution effectively meets the needs and expectations of its users, which is crucial in the dynamic field of IAM technologies and User Management.

Mobile Reality’s Software Development and Product Development Experience

In the process of identifying the top Identity Management and Access Management (IAM) and User Management solutions, we employ a criterion centered around expert insight and professional evaluation, leveraging our extensive experience in software and product development in particular industries and areas.

Expert Insight forms a crucial part of our evaluation. Drawing from our years of expertise in the field, we rigorously assess each solution in terms of its technical robustness, scalability, and adaptability. This involves a deep dive into how well the solution is built to handle the complex challenges of identity management and whether it can scale and adapt to the evolving technological landscape and varying organizational demands.

Top 10 Best Access and Identity Management Tools and User Management Solutions




HQ location

Microsoft Entra ID

4,5 rating / 755 reviews


Redmond, WA, the US


4,5 rating / 752 reviews

Okta, Inc. (formerly Saasure Inc.)

San Francisco, California, the US


4,9 rating / 318 reviews

Frontegg LTD

Tel Aviv, Israel


4,4 rating / 270 reviews

One Identity

Aliso Viejo, California, the US


4,3 rating / 169 reviews

Okta, Inc. (formerly Saasure Inc.)

San Francisco, California, the US


5,0 rating / 31 reviews

Clerk Inc.

San Francisco, California, the US


4,8 rating / 35 reviews


San Francisco, California, the US


4,8 rating / 30 reviews


Broomfield, Colorado, the US


4,2 rating / 43 reviews

Linux Foundation

San Francisco, California, the US

Amazon Cognito

4,1 rating / 43 reviews


Seattle, WA, the US

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Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management

Microsoft Entra ID is a complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management solution that connects users to applications, devices, and data, while strengthening defenses against identity breaches. It features multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access for secure, adaptable access, along with single sign-on and passwordless options for a seamless user experience. The platform unifies identity management across all users and offers simplified identity governance to ensure proper access control and compliance. As part of Microsoft’s broader Entra product family, it integrates advanced identity solutions to meet the complex demands of modern digital environments.


OKTA Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management

Okta, is renowned for its identity and access management solutions, characterized by its flexibility, neutrality, and developer-friendly features. The platform includes Customer Identity and Workforce Identity Clouds, designed to provide secure and seamless access across various industries. Okta's extensible platform integrates identity management into the core of technology stacks, supporting diverse business needs. The platform offers numerous integrations and is geared towards developers, enabling the creation of tailored identity solutions. With over 18,000 customers and a high recommendation score from the 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ report, Okta's widespread adoption and customer satisfaction highlight its leadership in the identity management sector.


Frontegg Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management

Frontegg is a leading identity access management (IAM) and user management platform tailored for B2B SaaS applications. It provides comprehensive user management from signup to subscription and features a multi-tenant architecture that allows detailed organizational control. The platform includes a self-serve Admin Portal for managing personal and organizational settings and offers a range of capabilities from basic authentication to advanced authorization and subscription enforcement. Frontegg’s interfaces are designed to integrate seamlessly into apps, enhancing both personal and workspace management. Additionally, it supports developers with extensive SDKs in various programming languages, making it a robust choice for B2B SaaS IAM needs.


OneLogin Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management

OneLogin is an efficient solution for Identity Access and User Management, offering simplified resource access across devices and integrating with cloud environments and on-premises applications. It features real-time identity policy enforcement, streamlined onboarding and offboarding processes, and reduces costs and complexity in identity management. The platform automates provisioning and de-provisioning, eliminating manual user management tasks and enhancing security. OneLogin’s focus on streamlined processes, security, and ease of use makes it a preferred choice for organizations aiming to optimize their identity management strategies.


Auth0 Identity and Access Management (IAM) and User Management

Auth0 is a leading authentication and authorization platform, known for its quick integration and adaptability across various industries. It offers secure and selective access, with the ability to grant appropriate privileges to users. The platform can be integrated into applications in just five minutes, supported by over 30 SDKs and Quickstarts, making it accessible for developers. Auth0 focuses on customer identity, enhancing customer experiences with seamless sign-on and multifactor authentication. It's adaptable, improving login procedures, integrating social logins, and reducing user friction. Auth0's strengths include rapid deployment, a focus on customer identity, and versatility in meeting diverse technology and user requirements.


Clerk is a versatile authentication and user management solution, ideal for modern web applications. It offers comprehensive user access management with UIs and APIs tailored for frameworks like React and Next.js, extending beyond basic login functionalities. Trusted to secure over 10,000 applications, Clerk allows customizable authentication methods such as passwords, email codes, and OAuth, catering to diverse user preferences. Its APIs are specifically designed for the modern web, promoting easy integration with new technologies and facilitating efficient development. The platform also supports extensive customization and localization, allowing developers to tailor the user interface and support multiple languages. With a focus on security and developer support, including regular audits and dedicated service agreements, Clerk provides a robust infrastructure for developers building secure, user-friendly web and mobile applications.


Stytch stands out as a premier identity management solution tailored for developers, offering a comprehensive, customizable authentication and security platform. It provides a wide range of authentication methods to suit specific use cases and encompasses a full spectrum of security features, including device fingerprinting, bot protection, and fraud prevention for consumer and B2B contexts. Stytch enables customizable sign-up and login processes, including breach-resistant passwords and modern passwordless options. It boasts an extensive API suite that supports precise authentication flows adaptable to any technology stack. Additionally, Stytch offers multi-factor authentication, single sign-on capabilities, and a scalable, reliable infrastructure with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. The platform adheres to stringent security compliance standards such as SOC2 and ISO27001. With dedicated support including forums, documentation, and direct communication channels, Stytch is an effective choice for businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises, promoting security, flexibility, and scalability.


FusionAuth is a respected identity management system designed with developers in mind. It provides comprehensive technical documentation, ready-to-use APIs, and SDKs, enabling developers to quickly integrate and launch in under five minutes. The platform enhances user experiences by offering features like branded login pages and support for social logins. FusionAuth is highly scalable, suitable for projects ranging from individual users to over 100 million, and offers a variety of deployment options including Cloud, SaaS, and on-premise for both Windows and Linux environments. This focus on scalability, flexibility, and developer ease of use makes FusionAuth a strong choice in the IAM and user management space for a broad array of web and mobile applications.


Keycloak is an open-source Identity and Access Management (IAM) system known for its comprehensive feature set that ensures secure and efficient user management. It simplifies integration by allowing easy addition of authentication to applications without managing user storage. Key features include Single-Sign On (SSO) and logout, identity brokering with social network login integration, and user federation with support for LDAP or Active Directory. Keycloak provides a centralized administration console for managing features, applications, and access policies . Users can manage their profiles, passwords, and authentication settings through a user account management console. The platform supports standard protocols like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML, and offers advanced authorization services for detailed permission management. Keycloak's open-source nature offers flexibility and customization, making it a robust choice for organizations needing a reliable, scalable IAM solution.

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito is a scalable and versatile AWS identity and access management solution, ideal for customer identity access management (CIAM). It supports secure, frictionless CIAM scalable to millions of users and offers 50,000 active users for free each month, demonstrating its capacity for large-scale operations. The platform is customizable, cost-effective, and meets diverse business needs including adaptive authentication and data residency. Cognito features a high-performance, fully managed identity store that supports federated sign-in and integrates seamlessly with various AWS services. It can process over 100 billion authentications per month, showcasing its reliability. Additionally, it facilitates easy integration of user sign-up and sign-in into web and mobile applications, supports social and enterprise identity federation, and provides a branded user interface for customer interactions. Cognito also accommodates B2B identity management with multi-tenancy options and facilitates machine-to-machine authentication for microservice-based applications. Its role-based access to AWS services and resources further integrates it within the AWS ecosystem, making it a comprehensive choice for businesses seeking robust IAM products.

Conclusion: Navigating the Best IAM Solutions for Your Needs

In our review of the top 10 Customer Identity and Access Management and User Management solutions, it's clear that each offers unique strengths for different organizational needs. Our selection, based on Mobile Reality's extensive software development experience, includes Microsoft Entra ID, OKTA, Frontegg, OneLogin, Auth0, Clerk, Stytch, FusionAuth, Keycloak, and Amazon Cognito.

Platforms like Microsoft Entra ID and OKTA are known for their robust capabilities and integration options, while Frontegg and OneLogin offer user-friendly interfaces with strong security. Auth0 and Clerk provide flexible, customizable solutions ideal for specific business needs. Stytch and FusionAuth are noted for their ease of use and developer-friendly features. Keycloak offers open-source flexibility, and Amazon Cognito excels in AWS integration.

Choosing the right IAM solution depends on factors like user base size, IT infrastructure complexity, and specific security requirements. It's essential to consider both technical specifications and alignment with business goals. With the digital landscape continually evolving, selecting an IAM solution that is secure, agile, and user-friendly is crucial for enhancing digital security and efficiency. This guide aims to assist you in making an informed decision to empower your organization in the digital realm. Choose wisely to stay ahead in digital security and identity management.

Software rankings!

The ranking featured in this article is just the tip of the iceberg. Dive into our extensive collection of rankings covering a variety of business apps and software tools. Discover what’s leading the market.

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Matt Sadowski

CEO of Mobile Reality

CEO of Mobile Reality

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