BusinessBest Investment Apps in the US in 2023

Explore 2023's top investment apps in the US, your guide to navigating stocks, ETFs, crypto, and more with cutting-edge tools
Matt Sadowski
Matt Sadowski

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Investing Landscape in the US in 2023
  3. Defining the Benchmarks for the Best Investment Apps 
  4. Conclusion

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In the dynamic world of finance, staying ahead of the curve means making savvy decisions with the aid of powerful tools. As we navigate the complexities of 2023's economic landscape, the role of investment apps has become more pivotal than ever for both novice and seasoned investors alike. These digital maestros of the investment realm offer a plethora of features, from real-time stock trading app to automated portfolio management, catering to a variety of investment styles, whether it's active trading or passive index investing. In our quest to identify the best investment apps in the US, we scrutinized a multitude of factors: user experience, breadth of available investments, educational resources for beginners, sophisticated tools for experienced traders, low fees, and the agility to adapt to market shifts. This curated list of the top 10 best investment apps, selection of best investing apps, is a compass for navigating the bustling markets of 2023, whether you're looking to dabble in stocks, ETFs, crypto, or other burgeoning asset classes. Join us as we unveil the apps that are setting the gold standard for investing platforms, empowering both the active traders at the helm of their financial destiny and the passive investors seeking a seamless investing experience.

Investing Landscape in the US in 2023

As we step into 2023, the investment landscape in the United States is shaped by a confluence of factors, including but not limited to, policy shifts, economic recoveries, and the evolving dynamics of the global market. Investors are faced with navigating through a terrain marked by heightened volatility, the aftermath of the pandemic's disruptions, and the recalibration of financial markets.

The equity markets have been a focal point, with sectors adapting to the new normal of remote work, e-commerce, and digital transformation. Interest rates, a key driver of market movements, are under scrutiny as the Federal Reserve balances economic growth with inflationary pressures. This year, we've seen a particular emphasis on sustainable investments, as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria become more integrated into investment strategies.

On the fixed-income front, the bond market reflects a cautious stance amidst the economic recovery, with investors seeking a balance between yield and safety. Meanwhile, the real estate investing continues to evolve with the shifts in both commercial and residential spaces and the advent of remote work culture.

Alternative investments, such as private equity, hedge funds, and especially cryptocurrencies, have seen a surge in interest as investors search for diversification and higher returns in a low-yield environment.

As we delve deeper into 2023, the investment apps that stand out will be those that offer robust analytics, comprehensive market data, and intuitive interfaces. They must cater to a range of clients from the tech-savvy Gen Zers making their first investments to the baby boomers looking to manage their retirement portfolios. With AI integration and personalized advisory services, these apps are not just tools but partners in the investment journey.

For an accurate and detailed picture of the investment landscape, investors are encouraged to review the annual outlook reports from leading financial institutions like Morgan Stanley and Pictet Asset Management, which provide in-depth analyses and forecasts that can guide investment decisions in these uncertain times.

Defining the Benchmarks for the Best Investment Apps 

Our pursuit to spotlight the premier investment apps for 2023 is grounded in a rigorous selection process, incorporating key industry metrics and user feedback. Here’s the refined criteria set that guided our discerning selection of top apps for investing:

U.S. Origin

Central to our selection is the stipulation that the app’s developing company is headquartered in the U.S., ensuring compliance with the robust financial regulations that govern American markets.

iOS Mobile App Excellence

Accessibility is paramount, hence, inclusion requires that each app boasts a robust iOS version, facilitating a premium investing experience for iPhone users.

App Store Acclaim

The best investing apps come recommended by the masses. We filtered for apps with a wealth of reviews in the App Store, indicating widespread acceptance and reliability.

Elevated App Ratings

Superiority in the App Store rating system is a testament to an app’s excellence in meeting investor expectations and delivering a seamless investing experience.

Investment Specialization

Our list prioritizes apps with a clear focus—be it trading stocks, managing ETFs, exploring mutual funds, or navigating cryptocurrency trading markets—catering to both seasoned investors and those seeking an app for beginners.

Mobile Reality’s Seal of Expertise

The selection was meticulously crafted by Mobile Reality, leveraging their fintech acumen to identify apps that exemplify cutting-edge trading technology, comprehensive investment options, and a commitment to financial planning.

By integrating these key parameters, we've curated a list that not only highlights the best investment apps but also aligns with the financial goals of our diverse readership, from active investing and traders to new investors seeking low fees and automated investing solutions. Whether you're managing your stock portfolio, exploring advanced trading options, or seeking financial advisors, our selection stands as a beacon for excellence in the digital investment domain.

List of Best Investments Apps

Take a look at the following list of the best online investing platforms:

Mobile app

Rating and number of reviews


Fidelity Investments

4,8 rating / 2,2M reviews on App Store

Boston, Massachusetts

Schwab Mobile

4.8 rating / 743.9K reviews

Roanoke, Texas

Acorns: Invest Spare Change

4,7 rating / 877,9k reviews on App Store

Irvine, California

Stash: Investing made easy

4,7 rating  / 298,2K reviews on App Store

New York, New York


4,8 rating / 151,2K reviews on App Store

New York, Iowa

Ally: Banking & Investing

4,7 rating  / 70,7k reviews on App Store

Detroit, Michigan, 

Public: Stocks/T-bills/Crypto

4.7 rating /  66.4K reviews

New York, New York

Betterment Invest & Save Money

4,7 rating  / 45,1k reviews on App Store

New York, New York

Wealthfront: Save and Invest

4.8 rating / 16.5K reviews

Palo Alto, California

Alinea: AI powered investing

4.4 rating / 1.9K reviews

New York, New York

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Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments best investing app best investment app

Fidelity Investments App emerges as a leading contender among the best apps for investing, offering users a secure, intuitive, and comprehensive trading experience. This award-winning app is lauded for providing a plethora of investment options, from US stocks and ETFs to fractional shares—all available with commission-free trades. Fidelity stands out with its commitment to security, implementing features such as two-factor authentication, voice biometrics, and real-time security text alerts to protect user assets.

Designed for ease of use, Fidelity, the best from a range of investing apps, welcomes new investors with open arms, setting no account fees or minimums to start a retail brokerage account. This approachability extends to its all-in-one app functionality, allowing users to deposit checks, pay bills, and manage their investments with a few taps on their devices. Backed by 75 years of financial wisdom, Fidelity equips its users with robust trading tools for informed decision-making, featuring industry-leading research and on-the-fly technical analysis.

Moreover, the app offers efficient cash management capabilities, enabling users to seamlessly trade, transfer funds, and schedule automated investments. Recognizing the value of financial education, Fidelity provides an array of learning resources, from articles and podcasts to webinars tailored to elevate investor savvy at any level.

Always keeping investors in the loop, the app's alerts and notifications system is designed to help users stay ahead, with customizable alerts and price triggers to ensure they never miss a beat in the markets. And for any queries or concerns, 24/7 customer support is just a tap away with a Virtual Assistant ready to assist.

Fidelity's commitment to accessibility is also noteworthy, with features such as enhanced voiceover and dynamic type, ensuring that the app's wealth of resources is available to all, making it a true ally in the world of investing.

Schwab Mobile

Schwab Mobile best investing app best investment app

Schwab Mobile, investment app, stands as a steadfast ally for investors aiming to achieve their financial aspirations. With a mission that centers on assisting users in reaching their financial goals, Schwab Mobile is not just an app but a gateway to a world of investing opportunities—right from the convenience of one's phone.

The mobile app caters to a wide array of investment instruments and allows trading stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options, making it a versatile tool for both the novice and seasoned traders. Committed to transparency, Schwab Mobile prides itself on straightforward pricing and low costs, an approach that's further detailed on their website, inviting users to explore at

For those who are yet to embark on their investment journey with Schwab, the app simplifies the process. One can effortlessly open a range of accounts directly through the app, from brokerage accounts to Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, and checking accounts, making the initiation into the world of investing as straightforward as possible.

Schwab Mobile is designed for user-friendly navigation and swift, secure access with biometric logins like fingerprint and Face ID, along with preset passcodes. It offers a holistic view of one's financial health, displaying account balances and asset performance in a unified dashboard. Trade placement and market monitoring are available around the clock, ensuring that users never miss out on potential opportunities.

The app streamlines money management with features like mobile check deposit and external account linking, allowing for effortless fund transfers. Users are kept in the know with breaking news, real-time quotes, and detailed charts at their fingertips. Building customized watchlists, users can track market trends relevant to their interests.

Schwab Mobile doesn't just stop at margin trading functionalities; it also serves as a rich resource of financial knowledge. Users can tap into a wealth of expert insights with access to videos, podcasts, and articles designed to sharpen their investing acumen. The app offers a tailored experience, with drag-and-drop modules and navigational customization, making it an intuitive and indispensable tool in the investor's arsenal.


Acorns best investing app best investment app

Acorns, investment app, stands out as a pioneering investing app, achieving over 20 million downloads and facilitating over $15 billion in customer investments since its launch. The mobile app offers a user-friendly and comprehensive approach to investing and saving, tailored to both seasoned investors and those new to financial management.

  • Investing and Savings: Acorns allows users to start investing with ease, focusing on giving money the opportunity to grow. It caters to various financial goals, from short-term savings to long-term investments.

  • Mighty Oak Debit Card: In collaboration with Dwayne Johnson, Acorns offers the Mighty Oak Visa debit card, which combines a unique design with the potential to earn 3.00% - 5.00% APY. It also provides users the chance to win a $50k Mighty Paycheck.

  • Diversified Portfolios: The app invests funds into diversified ETF portfolios curated by experts. Users have options like Bitcoin-linked ETFs and Custom Portfolios for investing in top US companies’ stocks.

  • Round-Ups® for Micro-Investing: Acorns’ Round-Ups® feature allows users to invest spare change from everyday purchases, promoting the habit of regular investing.

  • Investing for Children: Acorns Early offers UTMA/UGMA accounts for kids, encouraging early financial literacy and investment.

  • Educational Tools for Kids: The GoHenry debit card and learning app, included in Acorns Premium, are designed for children’s financial education, offering a practical and engaging way to learn money management.

  • Retirement Savings: The app provides various IRA options, including SEP, Traditional, and Roth, simplifying retirement planning.

  • Reward Earnings: Users earn bonus investments and deals by shopping through the app from over 15,000 brands and can receive substantial referral bonuses.

  • Financial Education: Acorns is rich in educational content, with resources aimed at enhancing users' investment and savings knowledge.

  • Investing Philosophy: Acorns is committed to micro-investing, advocating for the principles of compounding, diversification, and consistent investment.

  • Backed by Renowned Investors: The app’s credibility is enhanced by backing from entities like Blackrock, PayPal, Dwayne Johnson, and Ashton Kutcher.

  • Security Features: Acorns Securities, LLC is a member of SIPC, offering securities protection up to $500,000. Its checking accounts are FDIC-insured up to $250,000, ensuring robust security.

  • Subscription Tiers: Acorns offers three subscription plans – Personal, Personal Plus, and Premium – each providing different levels of tools and features to suit various stages of the financial journey.

In essence, Acorns represents a holistic approach to financial management. It integrates micro-investing with comprehensive educational resources and strong security measures, making it an excellent choice for a diverse range of investors.

Stash: Investing made easy

Stash best investing app best investment app

Stash, investment app, emerges as a distinguished player in the realm of investing apps, known for making the investment process both easy and affordable. Joining the ranks of the best apps for investing, Stash mobile app has garnered a substantial user base, comprising millions of Americans who are on their journey to building wealth and reaching financial goals.

Investment Flexibility: Stash offers the freedom to invest in a wide array of stocks and ETFs without the burden of add-on commission fees. Its approach to fractional shares means that investing is accessible at any amount, making it an ideal platform for both experienced investors and beginners.

Automated, Personalized Investing: Stash, investing app features the Smart Portfolio, a robo-advisor tailored to individual goals. This service involves experts constructing a diversified portfolio that is automatically rebalanced quarterly, aligning with the user’s financial objectives.

Banking for Investors: The app integrates banking and investing, offering features like early paycheck access, banking and saving tools, and the unique Stock-Back® Card. This card allows users to earn bonus stock on purchases, and it operates without overdraft fees, blending everyday spending with investment opportunities.

Educational Resources: Stash prioritizes financial education, providing personalized guidance and resources to help users learn how to invest. This feature is particularly beneficial for new investors, equipping them with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Affordable Plans: The app offers two main plans—Stash Growth and Stash+.

  • Stash Growth ($3/month): This plan opens the door to a suite of tools including investment access, the Stock-Back® Card, banking services, budgeting tools, personalized advice, an automated investing account (Smart Portfolio), and a retirement account with investing tax benefits.

  • Stash+ ($9/month): Building upon the Stash Growth plan, Stash+ adds premium advice and children’s investment accounts, broadening its appeal to families and those seeking more in-depth financial guidance.

In summary, Stash stands out for its commitment to making investing straightforward and accessible, backed by a wealth of tools and educational content. Its flexible investment options, combined with automated, expert-driven portfolio management and unique banking features, make it a top choice for those looking to navigate the financial markets. Whether it’s for personal wealth accumulation or preparing for a child’s future, Stash offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, aligning with the financial aspirations of a diverse range of users.


Stocktwits best investing app best investment app

Stocktwits, an investment app, stands as a unique and dynamic entrant in the world of investment apps, distinctively blending social networking with stock trading. It offers a platform where millions of investors and traders can connect, share insights, and stay updated with the latest market trends. This mobile app is not just a tool for investing, but a thriving community where the pulse of the finance and investing world can be felt in real time.

Global Finance Community

One of Stocktwits' most compelling features is its ability to tap into the global voice of finance and investing. Users can engage in real-time discussions with millions of traders and investors worldwide. The platform encourages the sharing of commentary, ideas, charts, photos, and even GIFs, fostering a lively and interactive investment community. Users can like, reply to posts, and follow other investors, creating a dynamic and engaging financial social network.

Users can add stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and more to their personal watchlist, keeping track of their favorite assets. Stocktwits also helps users stay abreast of the top symbols being discussed each day, ensuring they are always in the loop with trending tickers and market movements.

Market Sentiment Analysis

The app provides real-time tracking of bullish and bearish sentiment across a wide range of equities, cryptocurrencies, indices, currencies, and commodities. This feature is invaluable for gauging market mood and making informed investment decisions.

Commission-Free Stock and ETF Investing

Stocktwits allows users to invest in stocks and ETFs without the burden of commission fees. The app offers the flexibility of fractional trading, enabling investment in favorite companies for as little as $5. This makes it accessible for a broad spectrum of investors, from beginners to those looking to diversify their portfolios with smaller investments.

Consolidated Financial Tracking

By connecting their brokerage accounts to Stocktwits, users can monitor all their investments from a single, convenient location. This consolidation simplifies portfolio management and provides a comprehensive view of one’s financial landscape.

Additional Features

The app boasts a plethora of additional features that enrich the user experience. The Earnings Calendar keeps users informed about when companies are reporting, which is crucial for timing investments and understanding market movements. Additionally, Stocktwits curates featured and trending stories from top news sources, ensuring that users are well-informed with the latest financial news and developments.

In essence, Stocktwits is more than just one of the best apps for investing; it's a vibrant community where financial knowledge, insights, and trends are shared and discussed openly. Its combination of social networking features with practical investment tools and real-time market data makes it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to engage actively with the financial markets. Whether for seasoned traders or those new to investing, Stocktwits offers a unique and engaging platform to grow, learn, and invest.

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Ally: Banking & Investing

Ally best investing app best investment app

Ally Invest stands as a comprehensive financial management tool, offering a seamless blend of banking and investment services. This investment app is designed to simplify and secure users' financial lives, allowing them to manage various accounts, including banking, credit card, investment, and home loan accounts, all within one mobile app.

Banking Services: Ally Banking & Investing offers a range of smart savings tools, such as buckets and boosters, to help users save faster and more efficiently. It also features spending buckets to set aside money for recurring expenses, adding to its user-friendly financial management capabilities. With no overdraft fees, the app provides a stress-free banking experience. Users can transfer money, pay bills, or use Zelle® for payments to anyone with a U.S. bank account. The app also includes Ally eCheck Deposit℠, enabling users to deposit checks directly from their phones.

ATM Access and Card Management: The app provides access to over 43,000 no-fee Allpoint ATMs and reimburses up to $10 per statement cycle for fees charged at other ATMs nationwide. Users can also manage their debit card usage with robust card controls.

Credit Card Management: Users can securely make credit card payments, review statements, and check their FICO score for free within the app. Ally offers Mastercard credit cards, available by invitation.

Investment Options: Ally Banking & Investing provides three primary ways to invest:

  • Robo Portfolios: This feature offers automated investment management, with intelligent tools handling investment and monitoring. Users can choose between a cash-enhanced portfolio without advisory fees or a market-focused portfolio for a fee. There are four portfolio strategies to automate investing.

  • Self-Directed Trading: For those who prefer hands-on trading, the app offers commission-free trading on eligible U.S. stocks, options, and ETFs. It includes an ETF screener and advanced charting tools for technical analysis.

  • Wealth Management: This service provides ongoing guidance from a dedicated advisor for all assets, even those not managed by Ally. It offers a comprehensive view of finances, including net worth, investment exposure, and performance, with a minimum of $100,000 in assets under care.

Mortgage Management: For users whose mortgages are serviced by Ally, the app allows them to track their home loan progress with real-time updates. It features detailed account information, transaction history, and the ability to set up Autopay for recurring payments without additional fees. Users can also schedule principal-only payments at any time.

Security Measures: Security is a paramount feature of Ally Banking & Investing. The app ensures that personal and account information is never stored on the user's phone. It uses security codes for extra protection, especially when logging in from an unrecognized computer or device. Furthermore, the Online & Mobile Security Guarantee protects users against fraudulent transactions.

In summary, Ally Banking & Investing app is a holistic financial platform, ideal for those looking for an all-encompassing solution to manage their finances. Whether it's saving, investing, managing credit cards, or keeping up with mortgage payments, the app offers a wide array of tools and services, all while prioritizing user security and convenience. Its blend of automated and self-directed investment options caters to a range of financial goals and preferences, making it a top choice for users seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly financial management app.

Public: Stocks / T-bills/ Crypto

Public best investing app best investment app

Public, a versatile investing platform, and investment app, has made a significant mark in the world of finance by offering a diverse range of investment options. This mobile app enables users to invest in stocks, treasuries, ETFs, crypto, and unique alternative options like fine art and collectibles, all consolidated into a single platform.

Multi-Asset Portfolio Building

Public offers an extensive array of investment opportunities. Users can diversify their portfolios by investing across different asset classes, including traditional stocks, government-backed treasuries, innovative ETFs, trending cryptocurrencies, and even in niche markets like fine art and collectibles. This breadth of options positions Public as a comprehensive investing solution.

High Yield with Treasury Bills

A standout feature of Public is the ability to invest in Treasury bills, providing an avenue to earn a yield of 5.4%, which is notably higher than many high-yield savings accounts. This feature offers the security of government backing with the liquidity akin to a bank account, making it an attractive option for risk-averse investors looking for steady returns.

Alpha: The AI Investing Co-Pilot

Public integrates artificial intelligence into the investing experience with Alpha. This AI-driven tool facilitates open-ended conversations about any asset, providing real-time market data to inform investment decisions. Alpha represents the blending of technology and financial expertise, offering users a smart assistant in their investment journey.

Enhanced Investment Insights

The app excels in offering in-depth analysis and key metrics for every asset. Users can create performance charts, analyze stock fundamentals, and delve into three years of earnings calls, decks, and reports. Public also provides comprehensive reports on sector trends, stock breakdowns, economic data, and more, ensuring investors are well-informed.

Educational and Analytical Tools

Public goes beyond just trading by incorporating educational features. Users can listen to daily audio shows about the latest financial news, an excellent resource for staying updated with market trends. The app also offers extended-hours trading, allowing users to trade during pre-market and after-hours sessions. Additionally, set price alerts for stocks and cryptocurrencies ensure that users never miss an investment opportunity.

Data-Backed Investment Planning

The app enables users to schedule recurring investments with a data-backed Investment Plan, encouraging disciplined and strategic investing.

Transparent and Fair Trading App

Public stands out for its commitment to transparency, notably with its no Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) policy. This ensures users get the best possible price for their trades, as the app doesn’t sell order information to third parties. This approach enhances trust and aligns with the best interests of the investors.

In summary, Public, one of the best invest app in the US, is not just one of the best apps for investing; it’s a holistic platform that caters to a wide spectrum of investment preferences and styles. Whether a user is interested in the stock market, curious about cryptocurrencies, or inclined towards alternative assets, Public offers a unified and user-friendly platform. Its integration of AI, along with a focus on educational content and transparent trading practices, makes it a top choice for both seasoned investors and those new to the world of investing.

Betterment Invest & Save Money

Betterment best investing app best investment app

Betterment, the app for investing, stands out in the crowded field of investing apps as a robo-advisor designed to optimize the investment experience for each individual user. It caters to a wide range of investors as an app for beginners to seasoned market enthusiasts and currently serves over 800,000 people who trust the  investment app with more than $40 billion in assets.

Accessible Investing for All

Betterment's approach to investing is inclusive and user-friendly. With a minimum investment requirement of just $10 and no minimum balance, it opens the door to investing for a broad audience. The app is designed to help users keep track of their financial life, supporting both short-term and long-term savings goals.

High APY for New Customers

As of September 2023, new customers can earn a variable APY of 5.50% on cash, which is significantly higher than the national average. This feature is enhanced by the opportunity to earn an extra 0.75% APY with a qualifying deposit. Betterment also provides up to $2 million in FDIC insurance through its program banks, ensuring that users' earnings are protected.

Expert-Built Portfolios

Users can customize their investment strategies with recommendations from professionals, choosing from optimized, curated portfolios of ETFs. Options include Innovative Tech, Goldman Sachs Smart Beta, and socially responsible investing choices like Broad, Social, or Climate Impact portfolios.

Optimized Investing Technology

Betterment’s platform rebalances portfolios and reinvests dividends automatically. It offers tools to minimize tax impact, such as tax-loss harvesting and tax coordination between accounts. Users can set up recurring deposits and have access to a wealth of resources and financial advisors for guidance.

Cost-Effective Investing

The app offers investment services for a fee of $4/month, or an annual fee of 0.25% on the investing account balance under specific conditions, like having a total Betterment balance of $20,000 or setting up recurring deposits of $250/month or more. For those who want unlimited access to advisors, Betterment Premium is available at just 0.4% of invested assets, offering guidance from CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.

Goal-Oriented Saving and Investing

Betterment helps users turn life aspirations into financial goals. Whether saving for a vacation, an exercise bike, or beyond a 401(k) with an IRA, the app provides tools like goal forecasters and projection tools to create and implement a financial plan.

Comprehensive Financial Dashboard

This is one of the best investment apps and offers an all-in-one financial dashboard, allowing users to connect outside accounts, track net worth, and view investment performance in a single, integrated view.

Additional Financial Planners

Apart from traditional investing, Betterment also provides options for crypto investing with diversified portfolios and educational resources. It offers a Checking service for everyday spending and retirement planning solutions, including a 401(k) plan for businesses.

In summary, Betterment is more than just one of the best apps for investing; it's a comprehensive financial partner that blends innovative technology with expert advice. Its user-friendly platform, coupled with a range of investment options and educational tools, makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to start or enhance their investment journey. Whether it's optimizing for high yields, pursuing socially responsible investing, or planning for retirement, Betterment offers a tailored experience that aligns with the diverse financial goals of its users.

Wealthfront: Save and Invest

Wealthfront best investing app best investment app

Wealthfront, an investment app, emerges as a sophisticated and user-friendly app in the realm of investing, offering tools and technology to help users effortlessly maximize returns, save on taxes, and build wealth. The app is designed to cater to both the experienced investor and those new to the world of finance, offering a range of services from high-yield cash accounts to automated investing and smart online stock selection.

High-Interest Cash Accounts: A notable feature of Wealthfront is its Cash Account, which allows users to earn an interest rate of 5.00% APY, significantly higher than the national average. Partnering with banks, Wealthfront provides up to $8 million in FDIC insurance for single accounts and $16 million for joint accounts, ensuring a high level of security for users' cash. The account eliminates fees and offers unlimited free transfers, making it a versatile option for managing, saving, and organizing cash.

Automated Bond Portfolio: For those looking for a safe yet profitable investment, Wealthfront offers an Automated Bond Portfolio. This is a diversified mix of bond ETFs that is easy to manage and liquidate. It's designed to yield higher than savings accounts with lower risk than stocks, optimized for individual tax situations, making it an ideal option for near-term financial and investment goals.

Automated Investment Management: Wealthfront simplifies investing with its automated investment service. By answering a few questions, users receive a recommendation for a globally diversified portfolio of index funds, tailored to their needs. The app handles trades, reinvests dividends, and employs strategies like Tax-Loss Harvesting to reduce tax liabilities.

Zero-Commission Stock Investing: The Stock Investing Account at Wealthfront allows users to invest in stocks without the burden of commission fees. The app aids in discovery, helping users explore various investing themes and uncover companies they might not have considered. This feature serves as a shortcut to smarter stock investing, backed by thorough research and due diligence.

Consolidated Wealth Management: Wealthfront offers a comprehensive view of users' finances, aiming to simplify wealth building. The app consolidates financial management, eliminating the need for multiple apps and passwords. It provides users with a clear picture of their financial health, ensuring they are on track for their current needs and future retirement plans.

In essence, Wealthfront, one of the investment apps, stands out as one of the best investing apps due to its focus on simplifying and automating the investment process. It's suitable for a range of financial goals, whether it's earning high interest on cash, investing in low-risk bonds, managing a diversified portfolio, or exploring stock market opportunities. With its commitment to ease of use, tax efficiency, and comprehensive financial management, Wealthfront is an ideal partner for anyone looking to grow their wealth effortlessly.

Alinea: AI powered investing

Alinea best investing app best investment app

Alinea, the best invest app, stands out as a unique investing app designed to guide users through their wealth-building journey, positioning itself as an investing 'BFF'. With its user-friendly interface and personalized approach, Alinea has attracted over 50,000 investors, each embarking on a path to financial growth and understanding.

Personalized Investment Guidance: Alinea’s core strength lies in its ability to tailor investment advice to each user's risk profile and interests. This personalized guidance helps demystify the investment process, making it accessible and engaging for users, regardless of their seamless investing experience level.

Alinea Automated: The app offers an automated investing feature, Alinea Automated, which is ideal for users who prefer a hands-off approach. Whether users are inclined to follow the strategies of some of the greatest investors or want to support companies fighting climate change, Alinea Automated allows them to set their preferences and let the experts handle the rest. This feature simplifies investing, allowing users to invest with ease while the professionals manage the details.

Bite-Sized Insights: Alinea distills hours of complex research into concise, easily digestible insights. This approach to presenting information makes learning about investing both efficient and understandable. Users can swipe through these bite-sized snacks to gain a better grasp of how investing works, transforming what can often be overwhelming information into manageable knowledge.

Safety and Security: Alinea places a high emphasis on security and privacy, employing bank-level security measures, SSL, and 256-bit encryption to protect user information. The app uses Plaid for bank account linking, a trusted tool also used by other major financial apps like Venmo, Acorns, and Mint. This focus on security assures users that their financial data and investments are safeguarded to the highest standards.

SIPC Membership and Insurance: As a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), Alinea offers additional peace of mind to its users. Accounts are SIPC insured up to $500,000, providing a layer of protection against potential financial pitfalls. However, it's important to note that while SIPC insurance covers issues like brokerage failure, it does not protect against a loss in market value of securities.

In summary, Alinea is more than just one of the best apps for investing; it's a comprehensive guide and ally in the investment journey. Its blend of personalized investment advice, automated investing options, educational insights, and stringent security measures makes it an appealing choice for both novice and experienced investors. With Alinea, users are not just investing; they are also learning and growing in their understanding of the financial markets, supported every step of the way by a platform that prioritizes their interests and security.


As we conclude our exploration of the Best Investment Apps in the US for 2023, it's clear that each app brings a unique blend of features, strategies, and educational resources to the table. From the pioneering robo-advisory services of Betterment and Wealthfront to the socially conscious investing options of Alinea, these apps have revolutionized how we approach personal finance and investing.

Fidelity Investments and Schwab Mobile stand out for their comprehensive trading tools and robust educational content, catering to both novice investors and seasoned traders. Acorns and Stash, with their innovative micro-investing approaches, make investing accessible and simple, proving that even small contributions can grow into significant savings over time. Stocktwits takes a unique approach by integrating a social networking aspect into investing, offering a platform for investors to share insights and learn from each other.

Public, with its diverse investment options including stocks, treasuries, and alternative assets, caters to a wide range of investor preferences, while Ally Banking & Investing combines banking and investment services in a single, seamless platform. Each app emphasizes security and ease of use, ensuring that users can invest confidently and with peace of mind.

The landscape of investment apps in 2023 is diverse, innovative, and user-centric. Whether you are a beginner looking to take your first steps into investing or a seasoned investor seeking advanced tools and insights, there is an app out there that fits your needs. These platforms not only simplify the investment process but also empower users with knowledge and resources to make informed financial decisions. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect these apps to become even more sophisticated, further democratizing the world of investing and opening up new opportunities for wealth creation and financial well-being.

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CEO of Mobile Reality

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