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Top 10 Fast-Growing Fintech Companies in the US in 2024

Discover the top 10 fast-growing fintech companies in the US in 2024! Stay ahead of the game with these innovative leaders. #topusfintechcompanies
Published at27.06.2024
Matt Sadowski
Matt Sadowski

CEO @ fintech expert and advisor

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Financial Environment for Fintech Industry in the US in 2024
  3. Conclusion

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The fintech industry in the United States has been experiencing unprecedented growth and innovation, driven by a unique blend of technological advancements and evolving financial services. As we navigate through 2024, the landscape continues to shift, propelled by regulatory changes, consumer demands, and the ever-present need for efficiency and security in financial transactions. This dynamic environment has given rise to a new breed of top US fintech companies that are not only growing at an astonishing rate but are also redefining the way financial services are delivered and consumed.

In this article, we spotlight the top 10 fintech companies in the US for 2024. These companies have been selected based on a rigorous set of criteria, including significant growth rates, technological innovation, and their ability to seamlessly integrate financial services with cutting-edge technology. They represent the forefront of financial innovation and revolution, each bringing unique solutions to the market and addressing various financial needs in innovative ways. Building on the success of our 2023 ranking, this year’s selection highlights even more dynamic and influential players in the fintech space.

Join us as we explore these standout firms, delving into the factors that contribute to their rapid growth and examining how they are shaping the future of finance. Whether it's through enhancing payment systems, offering new investment opportunities, or improving financial inclusivity, these companies are setting new standards and paving the way for a more technologically advanced and efficient financial ecosystem.

Financial Environment for Fintech Industry in the US in 2024

The financial landscape for fintech startups in the US in 2024 is shaped by a mix of economic factors that present both challenges and opportunities. A major component of the economy is the Federal Reserve's monetary policy. In 2023, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised the federal funds target rate incrementally, culminating in a 5.25% to 5.50% range by year-end. This gradual increase has established a relatively high-interest-rate environment, which, while controlling inflation, also increases borrowing costs for startups. However, with inflation seemingly under control and predictions of a rate cut in the latter half of 2024, fintech startups might soon find more favorable borrowing conditions, potentially spurring further innovation and growth.

Inflation remains a critical factor for the financial ecosystem. The aggressive actions by the Fed in 2022 and 2023 have subdued inflation, which is forecasted to drop to 2.2% by the end of 2024. This anticipated decline could pave the way for the FOMC to implement rate cuts, thus reducing the financial burden on startups that rely heavily on capital for growth and operations. Moreover, stable and lower inflation rates could enhance consumer confidence, leading to increased spending and investment in fintech services, providing a more robust market for startups to tap into.

Labor market conditions and geopolitical uncertainties also play significant roles. The tight labor market, marked by a slight increase in the unemployment rate to 3.8%, reflects transitional economic factors rather than a slowdown. Strikes and higher wages in certain sectors could lead to inflationary pressures, which might delay the expected rate cuts. On the geopolitical front, while financial markets have shown resilience to conflicts like the Russia-Ukraine war and tensions in the Middle East, any significant escalation could disrupt market stability. Fintech startups need to navigate these uncertainties carefully, balancing growth strategies with potential economic and geopolitical risks.

Selection Criteria of 10 Fast-Growing Fintech Firms in the US

Selecting the top 10 fast-growing companies providing financial technology services in the US involves a meticulous process that considers several key criteria to ensure we highlight companies that are truly leading the industry. Our selection criteria for tech startups and fintech innovators are as follows.

US-Based Company

To focus on the local fintech ecosystem, we have exclusively considered companies that are headquartered in the United States. This ensures that the firms are operating within and contributing to the unique regulatory, economic, and competitive landscape of the US market.

Employee Count

We have chosen companies that have between 50 and 200 employees. This range typically includes firms that are large enough to have proven scalability and operational maturity, yet still agile and innovative, maintaining the dynamism of a startup environment.

Growth Rate

A critical criterion for our selection is a demonstrated growth rate of over around 65% year-over-year. This high growth rate indicates strong market demand, successful business strategies, and effective execution, distinguishing these companies as leaders in the fast-paced fintech sector.

Tech and Financial Services Specialization

We focused on companies that excel at blending technological innovation with financial services. These firms are not just financial services providers but are also at the forefront of tech development, offering solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to revolutionize traditional financial services.

Mobile Reality’s Subjective Opinion

Finally, our selection incorporates Mobile Reality’s subjective opinion, grounded in our deep expertise in the fintech industry. This perspective allows us to identify tech companies that not only meet the quantitative criteria but also show promise in terms of innovation, market potential, and leadership within the fintech space. Our industry insights and experience provide a nuanced view that goes beyond mere numbers, highlighting firms that are truly poised for significant impact.

These criteria ensure that our list of the ten fast-growing fintech businesses in the US includes top companies that are exemplary in their growth, innovation, and contributions to the fintech landscape.

The Unique Selection of The Top Fintech Companies in the US

Our selection of the top 10 fast-growing fintech companies in the US for 2024 highlights firms that are making significant strides in the industry. These companies have demonstrated exceptional growth, innovative approaches to technology, and a strong presence in the financial services sector. Here are our top picks.

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HQ: San Francisco, California, United States

Growth: 206% (from 37 to 98 employees)

Every revolutionizes back-office operations for startups with a comprehensive platform that enhances workflows through AI. Offering services including banking services, cards, bill payments, bookkeeping, tax management, HR, payroll, and benefits, Every simplifies financial and administrative tasks. Their integrated solution ensures startups can manage all these functions efficiently in one place. Experiencing a remarkable 206% growth in 2023, expanding from 37 to 98 employees, Every is at the forefront of providing holistic, AI-driven back-office solutions for startups, ensuring streamlined and effective operations.


HQ: New York, New York, United States

Growth: 144% (from 81 to 198 employees)

Arch is transforming the investment management landscape by addressing the common challenges faced by active investors and Limited Partners (LPs). The platform eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets and outdated systems by automating the collection of K-1s, performance tracking, cash flow management, and metrics across investments. Arch’s sophisticated solution connects with back-office systems, providing a secure, aggregated portal for managing all documents and communications related to private investments. With an impressive 144% growth in 2023/2024, expanding from 81 to 198 employees, Arch is leading the way in modernizing investment management.


HQ: McLean, Virginia, United States

Growth: 137% (from 24 to 57 employees)

Range is an all-in-one wealth management dashboard and expert advisory service designed to empower high earners with comprehensive financial solutions. This financial technology company integrates investment services, retirement and estate planning, tax optimization, insurance management, and more, providing a holistic approach to personal finance. Leveraging AI and expert advisors, Range ensures clients receive tailored advice and real-time financial insights. Experiencing a 137% growth in 2023, expanding from 24 to 57 employees, Range is at the forefront of innovative wealth management.


HQ: Lewes, Delaware, United States

Growth: 133% (from 33 to 77 employees)

Spendbase is a SaaS subscription management platform designed for IT and finance teams to optimize software usage and spending. Supported by Google, Spendbase automates SaaS management, detects shadow IT, identifies unused licenses, and tracks contract renewals. Centralizing all subscription data, Spendbase enhances visibility and return on software investments. Additionally, they offer vendor relationship management to negotiate better terms and prices, sharing 25% of the savings achieved. With a 133% growth in 2023, expanding from 33 to 77 employees, Spendbase is revolutionizing SaaS management.


HQ: Miami, Florida, United States

Growth: 126% (from 23 to 52 employees)

Nurp is a pioneering company at the forefront of revolutionizing the investing landscape with advanced algorithmic trading technologies and comprehensive Forex courses. Nurp empowers investors by offering innovative tools that automate trades across multiple financial markets, minimizing the need for manual trading and maximizing efficiency. With a 126% growth in 2023 and 2024, expanding from 23 to 52 employees, Nurp is setting new standards in investment technology, helping users achieve financial independence through cutting-edge solutions. Join Nurp and embrace the future of investing today.


HQ: Irvine, California, United State

Growth: 108% (from 56 to 117 employees)

Finfare is a rapidly expanding fintech company, aiding over 15 million people and businesses in optimizing their financial activities. Finfare offers tailored solutions for small business expense management, advertiser revenue generation, and personalized customer rewards for brands. Their ecosystem of financial products is transforming money interactions globally. A key feature, Finfare Connect, links brands and advertisers with millions of consumers across the US, UK, and Australia, facilitating custom rewards programs and targeted special offers. With a 108% growth in 2023 and 2024, expanding from 56 to 117 employees, Finfare is a major player in the fintech space.


HQ: Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States

Growth: 75% (from 31 to 51 employees)

Propelr is a modern payment provider leading the future of payments through simple, secure, and integrated solutions tailored for today’s sales environment. Offering robust support and innovative technology, Propelr optimizes payment ecosystems for businesses, enhancing efficiency and security. Their adaptable platform scales with market demand, providing flexible payment solutions for independent software vendors, merchants, and sales agents. Experiencing a 75% growth in 2023, expanding from 31 to 51 employees, Propelr is at the forefront of driving seamless, forward-thinking payment experiences.


HQ: San Francisco, California, United States

Growth: 72% (from 85 to 147 employees)

Arc is redefining startup finance with its comprehensive cash management and capital markets platform. Arc enables startups to grow by providing seamless access to venture debt and working capital, while also offering secure FDIC-insured deposit accounts through a diverse range of financial institutions. Companies can maximize their returns by investing idle cash in insured cash sweeps, Money Market Funds, and U.S. Treasury Bills, yielding up to 5%+ net APY as of January 2024. With a notable 72% growth, increasing from 85 to 147 employees, Arc is a pivotal player in startup financial solutions.


HQ: Wilmington, North Carolina, United States

Growth: 84% (from 32 to 59 employees)

APPROVE is a leading B2B SaaS solution that empowers equipment manufacturers and distributors to seamlessly integrate financing options at every stage of the equipment buyer’s journey. Utilizing a sophisticated technology platform, APPROVE connects customer finance applications with an extensive network of equipment finance lenders, ensuring optimal lending solutions. With a remarkable 84% growth in 2023/2024, expanding from 32 to 59 employees, APPROVE stands out for its ability to streamline the financing process, enhancing sales and customer satisfaction in the equipment industry.


HQ: New York, New York, United States

Growth: 68% (from 35 to 59 employees)

Carefull is an AI-powered financial safety platform designed to protect older adults from fraud and financial errors. By partnering with banks, credit unions, and wealth advisors, Carefull helps financial institutions build stronger family relationships while safeguarding their clients. The platform’s advanced monitoring identifies fraud patterns unique to seniors, which are often overlooked by standard tools. Additional features include identity theft protection, secure document management, and user-friendly communication tools. With a 68% growth in 2023/2024, increasing from 35 to 59 employees, Carefull continues to enhance financial independence for older adults.


The fintech landscape in the US is flourishing, showcasing innovative firms that are reshaping financial services through technology and strategic growth. Our selection of the top 10 fast-growing fintech companies for 2024 highlights leaders like Every, Arch, and Range, which are driving advancements in areas such as back-office solutions, investment management, and wealth management. Notably, this year's list does not include any companies directly associated with cryptocurrencies or the blockchain space, emphasizing the diverse ways fintech is evolving. These companies are setting new standards and will continue to influence the industry profoundly.

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Matt Sadowski

CEO of Mobile Reality

CEO of Mobile Reality

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