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BusinessTop 10 Fast-Growing Fintech Companies in the EU in 2024

Discover the top 10 fast-growing fintech companies in the EU for 2024. Stay ahead of the curve and explore the innovative trends shaping the finances.
Updated at27.06.2024
Published at12.06.2024
Matt Sadowski
Matt Sadowski

CEO @ fintech expert and advisor

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Financial environment for fintech startups in the EU in 2024
  3. Conclusion

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Building on the success of our 2023 publication on the top 10 fast-growing fintech companies in the EU, we are excited to present the 2024 edition. Last year's article received significant attention and praise, highlighting the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the fintech landscape in Europe. This year, we continue our commitment to spotlighting the most promising fintech firms, chosen based on rigorous criteria including international focus, strong online presence, and innovative integration of technology and financial services.

The fintech sector in the European Union has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation, driven by technological advancements, regulatory support, and a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. As we step into 2024, the landscape continues to evolve with an array of innovative companies pushing the boundaries of financial services. These fintech startups not only exemplify excellence in their domains but also demonstrate substantial growth potential and a robust market presence. Our selection for this year aims to highlight the leaders in this ongoing fintech revolution, showcasing their contributions to the financial services industry and their future potential in the fintech landscape.

Financial environment for fintech startups in the EU in 2024

The financial environment for fintech startups in the EU in 2024 is showing promising signs of growth and stability. The EU economy experienced a notable recovery with a GDP growth rate of 1.0% projected for 2024. This resurgence is supported by the European Central Bank’s gradual approach to policy rate cuts, fostering a more favorable investment climate. The fintech industry is benefiting from declining inflation rates, with HICP inflation expected to drop to 2.7% in 2024, down from 6.4% in 2023. This economic backdrop provides a solid foundation for the fintech landscape to thrive.

In the fintech sector, investment in technology and financial services continues to gain momentum. Fintech startups are leveraging advancements in open banking and digital assets to offer innovative solutions, attracting significant interest from investors. The robust labor market, with record-low unemployment rates and strong employment growth, boosts consumer confidence and disposable incomes, further supporting fintech growth. Additionally, government infrastructure spending and a resilient non-residential construction investment outlook are creating an environment conducive to fintech innovation. The EU’s commitment to fostering a dynamic fintech ecosystem positions it as a leader in financial technology, driving advancements and setting new industry standards.

Moreover, the EU's emphasis on regulatory frameworks that encourage fintech innovation plays a critical role. Initiatives such as the Digital Finance Strategy and the ongoing development of a comprehensive legal framework for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are pivotal. These measures aim to provide clarity and security for fintech companies and their customers, promoting trust and accelerating adoption across the financial services industry. This regulatory support, combined with a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, ensures that the EU remains a fertile ground for the emergence and growth of fintech unicorns and challenger banks. For more detailed insights, you can refer to the Spring 2024 Economic Forecast by the European Commission.

Selection criteria of 10 fast-growing fintech firms in the EU

Selecting the top 10 fast-growing fintech companies in the EU involves a rigorous and multifaceted process to ensure a comprehensive and accurate representation of the dynamic fintech landscape. Our criteria are designed to highlight firms that exhibit exceptional growth potential, innovation, and a robust market presence. Here are the key factors we considered:

International Focus

A crucial criterion for our selection is the company's international focus. We prioritized firms that cater to a global audience, with websites that are either multilingual or default to English. This indicates their readiness and capability to serve a diverse clientele beyond their home markets, reflecting their ambitions and potential for global scalability.

EU-Based Company

The companies selected are all based in the European Union. This ensures that the list reflects the regional economic environment, regulatory landscape, and market dynamics specific to the EU. Being EU-based also means these companies are well-versed in navigating the unique challenges and opportunities within this market.

Social Media Presence

A strong social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn, is another key criterion. We focused on companies with over 1,000 LinkedIn followers, indicating a significant level of engagement and interest from the fintech community. This metric also suggests a certain level of market validation and brand recognition, which are important indicators of growth potential.

Employee Range and Growth

The selected companies have between 50 and 300 employees and achieved growth of over 50% from June'23 to June'24. This range reflects firms that are beyond the initial startup phase and are in a growth stage. They are large enough to have proven their business models but still small enough to be agile and innovative. This employee range often correlates with companies that are scaling rapidly and expanding their market presence.

Specialization in Tech and Financial Services

We also looked for companies that exemplify a blend of technology and financial services. This mix is fundamental to fintech, and the selected companies leverage cutting-edge technology to offer innovative financial solutions. Their ability to integrate technology with financial services highlights their potential to disrupt traditional financial models and drive significant industry change.

Mobile Reality’s Subjective Opinion

Lastly, our selection is informed by Mobile Reality’s subjective opinion, grounded in our deep expertise in the fintech sector. Our extensive experience and industry insights allow us to assess these companies’ potential impact and growth prospects critically. We have considered factors such as innovation, market disruption potential, and the quality of leadership teams to curate a list that truly represents the forefront of the EU fintech scene.

These criteria ensure that our list of the top 10 fast-growing fintech companies in the EU is not only representative of current market leaders but also highlights firms with the potential to shape the future of the industry.

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The unique selection of the top fintech companies in the EU



Location: Berlin, Germany

Growth: 1,195% growth (from 21 to 271 employees)

NAO is an innovative co-investment platform dedicated to democratizing access to exclusive investment opportunities in private equity, venture capital, and structured capital market investments. Targeting the best fintech companies in Europe, NAO aims to break down market barriers, offering professional wealth-building tools to a broader audience. Their motto, "Empower your wealth," reflects their mission to help clients enhance their wealth creation journey. By lowering entry thresholds, NAO enables investments starting at just €1,000, making elite financial opportunities accessible to many investors.

Developed by a team of seasoned professionals from finance, banking, and technology sectors, NAO ensures continuous improvement and a user-friendly experience. The platform emphasizes transparency and democratization of investment opportunities, traditionally accessible only to a select few. NAO's app simplifies the co-investment process, allowing users to invest alongside the NAO community effortlessly. This strategy supports users in building diversified investment portfolios with ease and confidence. Highlighting their success in the fintech industry, NAO has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its team by 1,195% over the past 12 months, from 21 to 271 employees. This growth underscores NAO’s significant impact on the financial services sector and its potential in the evolving fintech landscape.



Location: San Ġiljan, Malta

Growth: 783% growth (from 6 to 53 employees)

At Mellifera, we embody the efficiency, dedication, and teamwork spirit of the Honey Bee. Founded by fintech veterans, Mellifera bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and the evolving demands of the financial sector. Specializing in bespoke IT solutions, Mellifera caters to Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), and neo-banking platforms across the European Union and the United Kingdom, with plans for global expansion.

Mellifera has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its team by 783%, from 6 to 53 employees over the past year. Their flagship product, the Payment Gateway, seamlessly integrates various payment channels, including open banking and card payments. Their AI-empowered Compliance Platform utilizes machine learning to detect and mitigate fraud proactively. Mellifera’s CoreBank solutions support institutions in navigating core banking complexities, ensuring efficient operations and regulatory compliance. This rapid growth and innovation position Mellifera as a visionary force in reshaping the future of financial services.

73 Strings


Location: Paris, France

Growth: 83% growth (from 71 to 130 employees)

73 Strings is transforming the alternative investments landscape by digitalizing the analysis, valuation, monitoring, and transaction processes of illiquid assets. Their AI-augmented solutions, Qubit X and Graviton X, optimize the most time-consuming components of the valuation process, allowing investment professionals to focus on critical insights and judgment calls. Powered by extensive corporate finance and private assets expertise, these tools enhance efficiency and intelligence in managing alternative investments.

The company has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its team by 83% from 71 to 130 employees in the past year. This growth reflects their successful integration of technology with financial services, solidifying their position in the fintech industry. With a focus on providing innovative solutions for alternative investments, 73 Strings is a key player in the European fintech landscape, driving advancements and setting new standards for the financial services sector.


Location: Berlin, Germany

Growth: 72% growth (from 33 to 57 employees) is on a mission to open 100 million brokerage accounts within the next ten years by providing the infrastructure for fintechs and banks to power the next generation of investment products. Their API allows companies to launch customer-centric and compliant investment products, addressing the complexities of traditional brokerage infrastructure. enables businesses to build investment products, embed investing as a feature, and introduce investing into new contexts, ultimately growing investing opportunities.

Over the past year, has experienced a 72% growth in its team, expanding from 33 to 57 employees. This growth reflects their commitment to innovation and solving the intricate problems of brokerage infrastructure. Their platform offers a comprehensive range of functionalities, from account management and funding to order execution and tax reporting, all designed to exceed customer expectations. By prioritizing consumer experience and financial security, is positioned as a key player in the fintech landscape, driving the democratization of investing.



Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Growth: 69% growth (from 42 to 71 employees)

Amdax, based in the financial heart of Amsterdam, is dedicated to helping individuals invest in Bitcoin and digital assets. Specializing in private client services, Amdax offers access to market intelligence and a broad range of investment opportunities tailored to each client's unique circumstances. With a strong emphasis on privacy and regulatory compliance, Amdax ensures a secure and personalized approach to digital asset management.

Over the past year, Amdax has experienced significant growth, expanding its team by 69%, from 42 to 71 employees. This growth reflects their deep expertise in the blockchain sphere and their commitment to regulatory diligence. With nearly a decade of experience, Amdax is uniquely positioned to guide clients through the complexities of digital asset investment. Their dedication to sharing knowledge and providing a competitive edge to their clients positions Amdax as a leading fintech company in the European digital asset market.



Location: Paris, France

Growth: 62% growth (from 37 to 60 employees)

Aria is transforming the B2B payments landscape by enabling instant payment solutions for businesses. Based in Europe, Aria's mission is to help businesses own their payment terms and improve their financial health. Their embedded invoice financing solutions allow marketplaces and vertical SaaS platforms to integrate instant advance payments seamlessly into their products. With a focus on speed and efficiency, Aria believes that fast payments drive business growth.

Over the past year, Aria has experienced significant growth, expanding its team by 62%, from 37 to 60 employees. This growth highlights their commitment to innovation and their impact on the fintech industry. Aria's robust API offers high stability and extensible limits, ensuring that businesses can manage payments and credits at scale. Their dedication to customer service and regulatory compliance sets them apart as more than just a tech product, making Aria a key player in the European fintech landscape.



Location: Paris, France

Growth: 61% growth (from 150 to 242 employees)

Swan is a European fintech and leader in embedded finance, headquartered in Paris, France. Their online Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform enables companies to quickly integrate banking features such as accounts, cards, and payments into their own products via simple APIs. This innovative approach streamlines the process for businesses to offer banking services, driving the next generation of investment products.

Founded in 2019, Swan processes around 300 million euros in transactions per month for over 100 companies across ten European countries. The company has grown significantly, expanding its team by 61% from 150 to 242 employees. Led by fintech experts Nicolas Benady, Nicolas Saison, and Mathieu Breton, Swan is backed by leading VC investors like Lakestar, Accel, Creandum, and Bpifrance. Swan’s mission is to revolutionize embedded banking, ensuring a smooth and compliant integration for all their clients.



Location: Brussels, Belgium

Growth: 61% growth (from 34 to 55 employees)

Paynovate is a fully licensed Belgian e-money institution (EMI) providing comprehensive digital payment solutions for B2B businesses across all EEA member states and the UK. As a principal member of Visa, Mastercard, and Bancontact-Payconiq, Paynovate offers a single platform to process all payments, including acquiring (POS and e-commerce), issuing, and banking services. Founded in 2018 and part of the Loyaltek Group, Paynovate combines innovation with robust regulatory compliance to deliver efficient, secure, and transparent payment processing.

In the past year, Paynovate has expanded its team by 61%, growing from 34 to 55 employees. This growth reflects the company’s commitment to enhancing its payment solutions and expanding its financial industry presence. By centralizing money transfers through a single API, Paynovate provides businesses with a streamlined and user-friendly platform. Their dedication to financial security and customer service positions them as a leader in the European fintech landscape, driving advancements in the digital payments space.



Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Growth: 58% growth (from 91 to 144 employees)

Brite Payments is one of Sweden's fastest-growing fintech companies, based in Stockholm and operating in 25 markets across Europe. Leveraging open banking, Brite offers an innovative instant payments solution that allows merchants and customers to make account-to-account (A2A) payments seamlessly. Users can complete payments instantly using their banking information without needing to create an account, download an app, or be redirected to a payments page. This approach enhances convenience and efficiency, aligning with Brite’s commitment to providing the best consumer payment experience.

In the past year, Brite Payments has experienced significant growth, expanding its team by 58% from 91 to 144 employees. This growth underscores their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Brite’s proprietary platform ensures fast, secure, and user-friendly transactions, emphasizing financial security and consumer convenience. As a leader in the payments landscape, Brite continues to unlock new opportunities for merchants and consumers alike, driven by a relentless focus on improving the payment experience.



Location: Madrid, Spain

Growth: 58% growth (from 56 to 89 employees)

Embat is revolutionizing the way medium-to-large corporations manage their finances with cutting-edge treasury management solutions. Based in Spain, Embat helps financial teams automate and optimize their treasury processes, saving up to 75% of the time previously spent on manual tasks. Their platform offers real-time visibility and control over cash flows, debt positions, and forecasts, enabling businesses to focus on growth and strategic decision-making. It is a European fintech with a presence in Spain, the UK, and the DACH markets.

Over the past year, Embat has seen impressive growth, expanding its team by 58%, from 56 to 89 employees. This significant increase reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in financial management. Embat’s solutions integrate seamlessly with ERPs, accounting systems, and payment gateways, ensuring accurate and timely financial data management. By streamlining processes and enhancing financial oversight, Embat is positioning itself as a key player in the fintech landscape, driving advancements in treasury management for medium-to-large corporations.


The top 10 fast-growing fintech companies in the EU for 2024 represent a diverse and dynamic segment of the financial technology landscape. These companies, selected based on their international focus, substantial online presence, employee strength, and innovative integration of tech and financial services, are at the forefront of the industry. Their rapid growth and commitment to innovation reflect the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit within the EU.

As these firms continue to expand and evolve, they are poised to significantly impact the global fintech scene, driving advancements and setting new standards for the industry. Their success not only highlights the thriving nature of the fintech ecosystem in Europe but also serves as an inspiration for future entrepreneurs and innovators. As we look ahead, these fintech companies will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of financial technology, fostering innovation and growth in the global market. The remarkable progress of these companies underscores the EU’s position as a leader in the fintech industry, promising exciting developments and opportunities for the financial technology sector.

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Matt Sadowski

CEO of Mobile Reality

CEO of Mobile Reality

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