UK-based InsurTech Companies That You Need To Know in 2024

Discover top insurtech companies in the UK, making waves in the insurance industry. Stay ahead of the game with these innovative leaders.
Updated at21.05.2024
Published at18.04.2024
Matt Sadowski
Matt Sadowski

CEO @ fintech expert and advisor

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Insurance industry in the UK in 2024
  3. Criteria selection of the insurtech companies
  4. Conclusion

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Insurance is an essential part of our lives, providing us with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are protected against the unexpected. However, the traditional insurance industry has often been criticized for its complex processes, lack of transparency, and high premiums. Fortunately, the rise of insurtech companies has brought about a much-needed revolution in the insurance landscape. These innovative companies are harnessing the power of technology to transform the insurance experience for customers, offering seamless digital solutions, personalized policies, and transparent pricing. Let's take a closer look at ten insurtech companies that are reshaping the insurance industry.

Insurance industry in the UK in 2024

The UK insurance industry in 2024 is poised to navigate a landscape marked by recovery and challenges. Despite a backdrop of strong premium growth in previous years, the sector faces moderating growth due to continued economic pressures, including high inflation and regulatory changes post-Brexit. Insurers are expected to adapt by emphasizing technological innovation, such as advanced machine learning for risk assessment and digital platforms to enhance customer experiences. The focus will also be on integrating more sophisticated data analytics to improve underwriting accuracy and personalize offerings.

Further complicating the landscape are increasing claims due to more frequent and severe weather-related events, necessitating a reevaluation of risk models and premium structures, particularly in casualty and home insurance. The ongoing digital transformation within the sector, boosted by many startups companies, is set to accelerate, with significant investments in cyber insurance and technologies that enhance operational efficiency and customer service. This shift is expected to foster a more responsive and resilient insurance market, capable of addressing the evolving demands of both individual consumers and businesses. Insurers will need to balance innovation with robust risk management strategies to remain competitive in this dynamic environment.

Criteria selection of the insurtech companies

When identifying standout UK-based companies for 2024 from insurtech market, we employ specific criteria. Our rules ensure that our list reflects the industry's dynamic nature and highlights organizations poised for significant impact. Firstly, the InsurTech profile of each company is scrutinized, ensuring they offer innovative insurance products that challenge the current insurance industry model, such as high definition vehicle insurance and digital insurance solutions. Moreover, their financial health is key. We consider the total funding received in the last year, prioritizing companies with substantial investments, indicative of strong market trust and growth potential.

Notably, stability is also a criterion. Selected insurtech startups and companies must have a record of no layoffs in the previous year, reflecting operational resilience and a commitment to their workforce. This approach helps us focus on disruptive InsurTech companies . These companies are not only shaping the insurance market but are also well-positioned to overcome financial healthcare barriers and redefine claims management and risk mitigation in the insurance sector.

List of top 10 insurtech companies in the UK in 2024

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Last funding announcement:

Hyperexponential (hx) specializes in transforming the insurance industry through innovative pricing decision intelligence. With its platform, hx Renew, the company focuses on improving insurance pricing processes by replacing outdated methods with advanced, data-driven solutions. This technology enables insurers to build, deploy, and refine sophisticated rating models quickly, enhancing underwriting efficiency and profitability. The platform is celebrated for its ability to handle vast amounts of data, reduce reliance on IT, and accelerate the rating process, making it a pivotal tool for companies looking to innovate in the competitive insurance market.

Artificial Labs


Last funding announcement:,c3922936

Artificial Labs, as a one of top insurtech companies, leverages technology to enhance insurance operations with a strong emphasis on automation and data utilization. Their solutions aim to streamline the business insurance process, from underwriting to claims management, by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning. This not only speeds up operations but also improves accuracy and customer satisfaction by offering tailored insurance solutions.



Last funding announcement:

Laka presents a unique approach to insurance, particularly in the cycling sector, by offering collective cover for cyclists. Unlike traditional insurance models, Laka pools the risks of its community members and distributes costs transparently at the end of each month. This model encourages fairness and community, and often results in lower costs for users due to the shared risk mechanism.



Last funding announcement:

OpenCover collaborates with top-tier underwriters to provide essential protection against onchain risks, such as smart contract exploits, scams, and governance attacks, for both individuals and institutions. As one of the digital insurance solutions, they offer a suite of services, including portfolio cover and specialized institutional services, positioning themselves as leaders in on-chain insurance and data coverage.

The necessity for OpenCover's services stems from the inherent risks associated with the ownership and management of digital assets. With billions lost annually to malicious activities and technical failures in the blockchain space, onchain risk mitigation remains a critical barrier to mainstream adoption. OpenCover is dedicated to resolving these challenges by making onchain safety accessible, aiming to establish a secure and reliable digital environment for all stakeholders.



Last funding announcement:

Focused on cycling insurance, Bikmo provides comprehensive cover for cyclists, bikes, and cycling accessories against theft, damage, and other risks. The company emphasizes a straightforward claim process and actively contributes to sustainability by supporting environmental initiatives in the cycling community.



Last funding announcement:

Wrisk operates a customizable, digital-first platform that provides insurance experiences across automotive and mobility sectors, integrating seamlessly with customer brands and data. Their innovative offerings include "Pay by Mile" car insurance, reflecting a shift towards flexible, user-friendly insurance models. This approach addresses modern consumer demands for transparency and control, transforming traditional insurance practices to align with contemporary lifestyles and technological advancements

Renew Risk


Last funding announcement:

This company focuses on deploying AI-driven solutions to redefine risk analysis and claims processing in the insurance sector. Renew Risk leverages advanced analytics to provide insurers with tools that enhance accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in risk assessment and claims management. Renew Risk streamlines operations and improves financial outcomes for insurers and insured alike.

Percayso Inform


Last funding announcement:

Percayso Inform stands out by offering next-generation insurance intelligence services that go beyond traditional data solutions. Their innovative approach provides insurers with deeper insights and more refined data, enabling enhanced decision-making and tailored insurance offerings. Their services are designed to empower insurers to outperform competitors by leveraging unique data sources and sophisticated analysis techniques.


Last funding announcement:

Specializing in AI and claims automation, enhances the efficiency of the claims handling process. Their platform uses state-of-the-art AI to accelerate the decision-making process. They reduce handling costs and improve the accuracy of claims assessments, improving customer satisfaction through faster resolution times and minimizing human error.



Last funding announcement:

Nuvalaw modernizes the legal aspect of insurance claims by offering platforms that streamline dispute resolution and claims negotiation processes using technology. Their solutions aim to reduce the time and cost associated with traditional legal proceedings, offering a more efficient pathway to settlement and reducing friction between parties involved in insurance and legal disputes.

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As the landscape of InsurTech continues to evolve in the UK, companies like Hyperexponential, Wrisk, Renew Risk, Percayso Inform,, and OpenCover are at the forefront of revolutionizing how insurance meets technology. These firms are not just responding to current market needs but are actively shaping the future of insurance through innovative uses of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. They are setting new standards in customer experience, risk mitigation, and efficient claims processing, demonstrating that the integration of technology in insurance is not only beneficial but necessary for adapting to the changing dynamics of risk in the digital age.

In conclusion, the rise of these InsurTech companies highlights a critical shift towards more transparent, user-friendly, and responsive insurance services. Their cutting-edge solutions address complex challenges such as onchain risks, driving safer and more secure insurance practices, and paving the way for broader adoption of digital insurance solutions. As these companies continue to grow and influence the industry, the future of insurance looks promising and more aligned with the technological advancements of our time. Promising enhanced protection for both individuals and institutions in an increasingly digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an InsurTech company?

An InsurTech company is a technology-driven firm that leverages modern technology, such as artificial intelligence and big data, to innovate and disrupt the traditional insurance industry. These companies aim to streamline processes, enhance customer experience, and offer innovative insurance products and services.

What is the difference between insurance and InsurTech?

While traditional insurance companies focus on providing insurance products and services through traditional channels, InsurTech companies use technology to revolutionize the insurance sector. InsurTech companies offer digital solutions, innovative products, and improved customer experiences, disrupting the traditional insurance landscape.

What is the largest InsurTech company in the UK?

The largest InsurTech company in the UK is Lemonade. Founded in 2015, Lemonade offers renters, homeowners, and pet health insurance using artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. It has gained widespread popularity for its transparent pricing, quick claims processing, and commitment to social good through its unique Giveback program.

What is the primary goal of InsurTech?

The primary goal of InsurTech is to drive innovation, efficiency, and customer-centricity in the insurance industry. InsurTech companies aim to enhance the overall insurance experience by leveraging technology to improve products, services, and processes. By embracing digital transformation, InsurTech companies seek to make insurance more accessible, affordable, and tailored to the needs of customers.

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