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PregnabitReal-time diagnostics signals analysis from Pregnabit hardware.

The Pregnabit system is a professional telemedical device that enables CTG monitoring during pregnancy. It records CTG traces in any place and at any time in a home environment.

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Scope of work

  • Data Analysis

  • R

  • Python

  • AWS Cloud

Genesis of the Project

Nestmedic is the manufacturer of the innovative telemedicine solution Pregnabit for remote monitoring of fetal well-being, through cardiotocography (KTG). At present, Nestmedic is conducting research and development, taking into account both new devices related to fetal well-being and the improvement of Pregnabit Pro. Soon, the Company plans to expand the device, with the function of a glucometer, or blood pressure testing, and introduce wireless probes equipped with light and vibration signaling, which will replace the wired ones and increase the comfort of the examination.

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The main challenge of this project was medical data and concepts understanding as healthcare sector data may be hard to understand at first. Also, there were challenges with algorithms adjustment and communication with the client.

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  • Expertises

    Healthcare & Lifestyle

  • Location


Main goals

The main goals of this project were to make algorithms more accurate and advanced as algorithms are extremely important when solving any type of computer science problem. Secondly, we were measuring the following: bradycardia and tachycardia, accelerations/decelerations, and TOCO.

All of these functionalities are an important part of the benefits of this application as Pregnabit sends data collected by the device by wireless data transmission to the Description Centre operated by qualified medical staff.

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The solution was to develop algorithms in R language and host them on the AWS cloud. We’ve chosen this solution because R is one of the most popular languages for statistical modeling and analysis, but not just because of that as R language also is an open-source programming language. This means that anyone can work with R without any need for a license or a fee.

Furthermore, even after the project, our clients can contribute to the development of R by customizing its packages, developing new ones, and resolving issues, so the application stays on time and can be updated with the latest trends and needs.

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In this project, our client was Nestmedic company from the healthcare sector. They needed our expert help for their application called Pregnabit, which lets its users get CTG monitoring during the whole pregnancy. This system also records CTG traces in any place and at any time in a home environment.

Our experts had to improve and develop the algorithms that detected the fetus defects based on the data from a hardware device, so users could get a better experience with the Pregnabit app.

As a solution, we’ve chosen to develop algorithms in R language as R is one of the most popular languages for statistical modeling and analysis and because it is an open-source programming language that will let our clients update the application on time even after we cooperated with them. Also as a solution, we’ve hosted the algorithms on the AWS cloud, which will let app users get the best possible experience with the product.

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