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OBJEKTOObjekto - dedicated platform for online facility and facilities management software

Efficiency and clarity are paramount in facility and asset management. Custom proprietary platform Objekto is a testament to this principle, offering a dedicated solution for the nuanced needs of facility managers and facilities managers alike. This innovative custom facility management software system is designed not only to enhance the operational workflows of facility managers but also to bolster the productivity of various departments within an organization's infrastructure, including marketing, procurement, logistics, and finance.

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Objekto's Strategic Facility Management Application

Our collaboration with CLMedia, a pioneer in visual OOH, Digital OOH, and INDOOR and RETAIL communication, marked the inception of Objekto—a cutting-edge facility management software system that encapsulates 20 years of their visionary strategies and solutions. CLMedia's expertise in crafting comprehensive digital solutions has been pivotal in network strategy development, media selection, installation, and the seamless execution of logistics and network management.

Objekto envisioned as the best facility management software, is an embodiment of CLMedia's dedication to integrating sophisticated maintenance management processes with a robust facility management system. The developed facility management solution is engineered to support facilities managers in optimizing maintenance schedules, streamlining work order management, and enhancing the efficiency of preventive maintenance.

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Crafting a User-Friendly Facility Management Interface

The primary challenge in developing Objekto was engineering a user-centric facility management software interface that effectively displays the entire organizational structure through an innovative access tree. This design needed to begin with an overarching view of the customer and cascade down to individual locations, ensuring that facility managers could seamlessly navigate through the intricacies of their facilities.

A critical aspect was the integration of facility management software tools that would allow the import of data via Excel files, streamlining the campaign management process. Our facilities management software needed to afford the capability to batch-select objects for campaign inclusion, enhancing workflow efficiency for organizations.

Objekto's facility management application also had to support campaigns as distinct activities, with the flexibility to manage diverse shares and complete various fields tailored to specific operational needs. This customization level sets Objekto apart as a leading facility management solution.

Incorporating preventive maintenance scheduling into the facility management system was paramount, offering facilities managers the ability to address maintenance needs preemptively. With Objekto, the goal was to transcend traditional facility maintenance management software, fostering a proactive maintenance culture.

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Establishing Robust Facility Management Goals with Objekto

The primary ambition of the Objekto project was to deliver a comprehensive facility management software system capable of enhancing organizational communication and facilitating efficient task assignments. Our client required an app that streamlined facilities management and integrated seamlessly with their existing organizational and object structures.

In response to the demands of a rapidly digitizing era, Objekto was conceived as a unique facility management solution, offering a centralized platform for facilities managers to execute work order management and maintenance scheduling effectively. With an emphasis on preventive maintenance, the app supports the essential functions of facilities asset management software.

Our intent was to position Objekto among the best facility management software available, focusing on delivering an asset management solution that serves as an efficient, capable, and mobile facility management tool. The app was designed to provide a streamlined workflow for facility operations, ensuring that every task, from equipment maintenance to inventory control, is managed with precision.

Objekto stands out as a key facility management software for empowering facility managers to assign tasks to subcontractors within a robust facility management system. The app's sophisticated design ensures that facility managers have access to top facilities management software tools necessary for maintaining a competitive edge.

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Innovative Access Management in Facility Management Software

Within the robust architecture of our facility management software, we've implemented an advanced permissions framework visualized as an inverted tree. This structure is foundational for facilities management, where the client forms the root and the various facility operations and assets branch out, ensuring a comprehensive facility management system.

The hierarchy of access is color-coded for intuitive user experience: Green denotes direct access, vital for facility managers who require immediate interaction with the facilities management software system. Orange signifies indirect access, a feature critical for subcontractors utilizing the facility management application for preventive maintenance scheduling and work order management. White indicates areas off-limits, maintaining the integrity of the facility management solution.

Our sophisticated approach allows for tailored access: granting a contractor direct access to a specific brand within the facilities maintenance management software also opens up indirect pathways to related operations, enhancing the workflow and ensuring efficient management. This method ensures that our facility management software system stands out among top facility management software for its ability to streamline and simplify complex organizational structures.

The strategic permission system supports facilities managers in asset management, equipment maintenance, and maintenance management. It fosters an organized, efficient approach to managing facility operations, a testament to the software's design as a centralized platform for facilities management. By integrating this model, we provide a capable facility management software solution, recognized for its efficiency and ease of use among the numerous facility management software options available.

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Streamlining Facility Operations with Objekto Software

CLMedia's quest for an efficient facility management software system culminated in the creation of Objekto, a solution designed to revolutionize the management processes of restaurants and shops across multiple locations. This innovative software is tailored to simplify complex operations, enabling country managers and local store managers to navigate the intricacies of organizational communication with ease.

Objekto stands out as a leading facility maintenance software, offering a centralized platform where tasks can be assigned seamlessly to subcontractors, ensuring that every level of the organizational and object structure is aligned and efficient. The app's robust design integrates facilities management and asset management into one intuitive interface, significantly benefiting facilities managers.

The development process tackled the complex challenge of crafting an access tree within the user interface that represents the entire corporate hierarchy, from the broad view of the client relationships down to the granular details of individual locations. Through a sophisticated inverted tree model of user permissions, Objekto, as one of the facility management vendors, provides unparalleled clarity and control over buildings and facility management systems .

Incorporating feedback from facilities management software reviews and leveraging the latest in computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) technology, Objekto delivers on its promise of a top facility management software. It supports key operational areas including marketing, procurement, logistics, and finance, enhancing workflows and driving productivity.

As a result, Objekto has been recognized as one of the best facility management software systems on the market, not just for its comprehensive range of key features — including preventive maintenance scheduling, work order management, and facility inventory management — but also for its user-friendly approach to facilities management. The software empowers organizations to maintain a competitive edge in facility operations, underscored by a powerful suite of facility management software tools designed for today's fast-paced business environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The initial steps include defining your specific facility maintenance system needs, identifying the processes you want to automate or streamline, and determining your organization's and business's essential features. A thorough requirements analysis with stakeholders, the company's staff, and potential users is crucial to guide the development process. As Mobile Reality, we recommend running product development workshops before doing the full project roll-out. During the workshop, the main processes and project vision can be deeply analyzed and validated with our product development team.
The cost of the right facility maintenance software can vary widely based on the complexity of the platform, the features required, the number of users, and your organization's specific needs. As a product development workshop, a detailed requirements-gathering session will enable software developers and the product development team to provide a more accurate estimate.
The development timeline for custom facility management software can range from a few months to a couple of years, depending on the project's scope, complexity, and integration needs with existing systems.
Yes, custom software is typically developed with integration capabilities that allow it to communicate with existing systems such as ERP, CRM, or other management tools and dashboards you may already be using.
User-centered design practices are key. This involves including end-users in the design process, from initial wireframes to interactive prototypes. Regular user testing and feedback loops can help ensure the software meets the practical needs of its users. If you expect to reach thousands of facilities managers as users, you can expect many opinions and feedback in different communication channels.
This depends on your organization's specific needs. Cloud-based solutions offer flexibility and scalability, while on-premise solutions can provide greater control over security. Your decision may also be influenced by your budget, IT infrastructure, and business operations.