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Marketing & HROfficevibe increases our productivity and happiness [Mobile Reality case study]

How did we use Officevibe to increase the productivity and happiness of the Mobile Reality Team? Let's check this out!
Updated at14.02.2024
Published at17.09.2021
Aneta Wodarz
Aneta Wodarz

HR Manager

Stanislav Naborshchikov
Stanislav Naborshchikov

Solutions Specialist

Table of contents

  1. Officevibe review - The Importance of performance management in your organization's success
  2. What is the Workleap Officevibe employee engagement app?
  3. Mobile Reality Officevibe case study
  4. Conclusion: creating a favorable team atmosphere in your office

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Officevibe review - The Importance of performance management in your organization's success

A business's growth hinges on more than just a good idea; team atmosphere and culture play key roles. Effective teamwork, where each member leverages their strengths towards common goals, can drive a company forward, fostering innovation and a sense of belonging. However, negativity among employees can halt progress and harm the company's performance. Leadership must therefore ensure a positive work environment, promoting open communication and resolving conflicts constructively. When the staff works as one well-coordinated team, striving for high common goals, the company progresses, grows stronger, and thrives. Suppose employees are irritable, hostile to each other, often in conflict, and do not want to invest efforts in achieving joint tasks. In that case, this inevitably affects the results and worsens the company's business goals. To prevent this, managers have to build and maintain a healthy internal atmosphere.

This article highlights how we've built a positive team culture at Mobile Reality using Officevibe. This software has been crucial for enhancing employee engagement and feedback, allowing us to celebrate successes and address issues promptly. We'll discuss Officevibe's role in improving our team dynamics and the steps we've taken to make our workplace more productive and satisfying.

How? We'll share with you our strategies and how Officevibe employee engagement app supported us at Mobile Reality. So let's find out what is Officevibe?

What is the Workleap Officevibe employee engagement app?

Officevibe (part of Workleap) is an innovative employee engagement software designed to help managers and teams foster a better work environment, and enhance organizational culture and team performance. By offering a suite of tools that facilitate anonymous feedback, regular pulse surveys, goal setting, analytics and reporting features, and collecting employee reviews, Officevibe enables HR leaders to understand their team's morale and employee engagement levels in real-time. Software and services provided by Officevibe encourage open communication and provide actionable insights, allowing HR leaders and executive team to address concerns, recognize achievements, and support their team's development effectively. That's one of the amazing and simple tools for continuous performance management. Through its user-friendly interface, Officevibe aims to bridge the gap between employees and management, promoting a culture of transparency, trust, and collaboration. This approach improves employee satisfaction, employee experience, and retention and drives better overall performance and productivity/effectiveness within organizations. This centralized platform with comprehensive assistance, responsive customer support, advanced automation capabilities, and seamless integration capabilities will allow you to unleash the true potential of employee experience. Take a note: all tech details you can find on

Mobile Reality Officevibe case study

In our journey to cultivate a thriving work environment at Mobile Reality, we turned to Officevibe, an innovative tool designed to harness the power of feedback and foster a culture of open communication. Implementing Officevibe enabled us to embark on a structured approach to gathering insights from our team, through regular pulse surveys conducted every 1-2 weeks. This frequent cadence allowed us to stay attuned to the evolving needs and sentiments of our team members, ensuring that no concern was overlooked.

The impact of Officevibe on our office was multifaceted. Firstly, it significantly enhanced our ability to collect feedback from the team, providing anonymous software where the employee can be comfortable sharing thoughts about work experience and feelings. This feedback proved invaluable in identifying areas of improvement, as well as strengths we could build upon. Secondly, Officevibe played a crucial role in preventing top talent retention. By closely monitoring engagement and satisfaction levels, we were able to address potential issues before they escalated into reasons for leaving. Thirdly, Officevibe allows us to swiftly respond to feedback and implement meaningful changes, thus improving overall job satisfaction and loyalty among our team members. Moreover, the software facilitated better team management by providing actionable insights that guided our leadership in making informed decisions. The feature of giving 'kudos' became particularly popular among our employees, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation that significantly boosted morale and motivation.

What should you pay attention to in your organization while using the app?

Understanding Your Team's Current Dynamics

First, you should find out what is happening in your team at the moment: what emotions, experiences, and moods prevail, whether conflicts occur, and whether there is an understanding of the overall goal of the company and the desire to implement it.

There are several ways to get information:

  • At general office meetings

  • In the process of personal conversations with individual employees on 1on1s

  • With the help of an anonymous survey

It is advisable to perform the analysis regularly since many factors can dramatically change the current situation.

Factors Influencing the Team's Atmosphere

The following aspects affect the working environment.

Group Compatibility

Employees operate with their own basic concepts and general ideas, performing a specific task. However, well-coordinated teamwork is based on emotional unity, and sharing the company's values. If team members speak different languages, do not reach a compromise on simple issues, does not understand the main goals – the situation will not allow you to do the work effectively.

The nature of the activity

Each position in the company is characterized by features – emotional saturation, monotony, increased responsibility, and the presence of stress factors. All this affects the socio-psychological microclimate.

The level of job satisfaction

Ideally, the work arouses interest, brings a sense of satisfaction, and self-importance, and allows professional development. To maintain a favorable atmosphere, it is necessary to respond to the team's needs promptly: to introduce effective systems of material and non-material motivation, pay attention to training, encourage initiative, and strive for career growth. Otherwise, the enthusiasm in the team will quickly subside and employees will leave for your top competitors.

Working Conditions

It is worth providing employees with a comfortable, specially equipped workplace to get the maximum return. Poor-quality lighting, extraneous noise, and stuffiness – a source of stress and irritability for employees. This is incompatible with the concept of a healthy atmosphere.

Leadership Style

The formation of a normal microclimate is facilitated by a democratic management style, in which there is no imposition of decisions, friendly, trusting relationships prevail, and team members are equally valued. Conniving and authoritarian styles lead to low productivity, and the appearance of hostility, envy, and distrust.

Nuances of the global and local microenvironment

Additionally, the situation is influenced by the stability in the political and economic spheres of society and the social and psychological well-being of the team members. The organization's structure plays a role in the ability to participate in planning and decision-making and the exclusion of functional and role contradictions.

With a normal internal microclimate, employees are satisfied with working conditions and the amount of material remuneration, are determined for results, share common goals, and support from their managers, respect colleagues, notice growth prospects, and build long-term plans. Problems on any of the points indicate that it is time to take appropriate.

Utilizing Officevibe reports for team engagement analysis

As I’ve written before, one of the best options to get information about team members' engagement is with the help of an anonymous survey, and in Mobile Reality we use a great tool for that - Officevibe

Officevibe features and reports help managers evaluate the impact of the new professional and personal remote work realities on our teams’ employee engagement, stress levels, and work-life balance. This is the only software on the market where you can find many features that allow you to track the field of employee happiness. Even if you have a small company. and you are worried about prices and integration services.

officevibe statistics

In addition to the quantitative results presented in the reports, we collected a great amount of anonymous feedback in our employee engagement survey, which allowed us to start a conversation and further engage with our remote workers on the subject. The Officevibe platform allows our employees and managers to share their feedback anonymously, ensuring a safe space to share whatever is on their minds so that important conversations don’t fall through the cracks.

Key sources of stress that surfaced in the reports:

  • Performance, workload, and loss of cohesion within teams

  • Personal lives such as physical and mental health and work-life balance 

  • Loss of sense of control and the inability to reach objectives

  • Change, uncertainty, and the difficulty of planning and prioritizing during constant change

Communicating effectively in a remote setting

As we settled into remote work and our home offices, apart from each other, it became essential to communicate even more than we used to on current initiatives. After a few weeks, we first analyzed the intelligent team engagement survey results and presented our high-level findings to all Mobile Reality team members.

Our Mobile Reality team's scores were calculated individually to ensure everyone had the same weight in the calculation. Officevibe has sent different questions to employees to cover the ten key metrics continuously. They take answers from the last 90 days to calculate your most up-to-date Team Engagement Score (something like an overall customer satisfaction score in sales processes).

First of all, via pulse on employee engagement via Officevibe we measure team recognition. The Recognition Metric represents the quality, and the frequency of recognition the employee receives. Then, with the help of Officevibe metrics, we see feedback, happiness, feelings of employees, and personal growth metrics. They represent the quality and the frequency of feedback that employees receive, as well as the consideration of their opinions and suggestions by the organization, the employee's level of happiness at work and their satisfaction with their work-life balance, and the level of autonomy employees have, whether or not they’re improving their skills and if they believe in the bigger purpose of their role. The next metrics we measure with this simple employee experience software are satisfaction, wellness, ambassadorship, relationship with manager/peers, and alignment. The Satisfaction Metric represents how satisfied employees are with their compensation and benefits, their role in the office, and their overall work environment. Wellness and ambassadorship metrics show the level of stress employees feel at work, how they perceive the organization's efforts towards promoting healthy life habits, the level of pride employees have towards the organization, and if they would recommend their place of work to other people. Relationship metrics help to understand the level of trust, communication, and collaboration between employees and their direct manager/peers. The last metric - alignment represents how employees align themselves with the organization’s vision, mission, and values, as well as what they think about the organization’s commitment towards Ethics and Social Responsibility.

officevibe statistics results

You can see that within a few months, most of these metrics grew, and our team members' feedback improved. It is essential to control the Workleap Officevibe metrics statistics data and improve cooperation in your work team. We used some Workleap software tips for our remote work as a ”work ritual” to improve the feedback and happiness of our team.

Tips for better remote communication

The main thing in remote work is communication. Here is what you can do to make communication better and easier on remote work for better performance management: 

  • Share more information than you usually do 

  • Use Slack (or other software tools, e.g. Microsoft Teams) statuses to let your team know what to expect. For example: available = unavailable = and others as determined by your team

  • Regularly share your priorities and the progress of your projects in a rhythm that works for your team

  • Be clear in the intent and urgency of your requests. e.g. “I need your comments by 2 pm tomorrow so that I can move forward with the project”

  • Use emojis, images, and Giphy in your Slack messages – emotions are harder to convey in writing

  • All decisions that would ordinarily be made face-to-face should be made over video conference, ensuring that the right people are present

Strategies for efficient online meetings

Employee experience on remote work depends more than ever before on online meetings and here are some tips that can help you with permanent online meetings: 

  • Make use of video conferencing simple tools and turn on the camera (Teams, Zoom)

  • All participants should use headphones with a microphone to ensure they are heard properly

  • Provide a clear agenda in the meeting invitation

  • Designate clear roles: a facilitator (who facilitates and ensures that everyone has the right to speak) and an assistant (who takes notes and shares them at the end of the meeting)

  • The facilitator should pause regularly to invite questions and collaboration from all participants

  • Take a moment at the end of the meeting to determine and assign clear ‘action items’ with timelines

  • Document meeting notes in a designated area accessible to all

Prioritizing mental health in remote work

Working remotely is not as easy as it seems at first sight and that’s why mental health is more important than ever before. Here are some tips for you to relieve stress and increase your productivity and team performance: 

  • Maintain a healthy routine: don’t start doing your daily task as soon as you wake up, and log off at night (create clear boundaries between work and private life)

  • Maintain your regular work schedule as much as possible. Review processes. Take frequent breaks: get up, go for a walk, take time for lunch! 

  • Take time to connect on a human level with your colleagues (have a virtual coffee or lunch using Teams or Zoom)

  • Don’t hesitate to express your frustrations, feelings of isolation, or other challenges that you may be having while working remotely

  • Try to create a space dedicated to work (even if it’s just a corner where you can store your work materials at the end of the day)

Officevibe review

What are the pros and cons of Workleap Officevibe in our opinion?

Weakness of Officevibe

  • Mobile App: Unfortunately there is no mobile app available for Android or iOS.

  • Frequency of Surveys: While regular surveys are beneficial, finding the right balance is crucial to avoid survey fatigue among employees.

  • Adoption Curve: Ensuring that all team members consistently engage with the platform can be challenging, potentially skewing feedback if participation is not universal.

Pros of Officevibe:

  • Enhanced Feedback Collection: Workleap Officevibe's anonymous survey questions enabled us to gather honest feedback, crucial for identifying and addressing issues promptly.

  • Talent Retention: By continuously monitoring engagement levels, we could take proactive measures to keep our top performers satisfied and engaged.

  • Reduced Top Talent Retention: The insights gained through Officevibe allowed us to make targeted improvements that enhanced job satisfaction, directly contributing to lower turnover rates.

  • Improved Management: The data-driven insights provided by Workleap Officevibe empowered our leadership to make better decisions regarding team management and development.

  • Positive Work Culture: The ability for employees to give kudos created a positive feedback loop, enhancing the work culture and team spirit.

Conclusion: creating a favorable team atmosphere in your office

In light of our experiences with Workleap Officevibe, it's evident that the tool has not only reshaped our approach to feedback and employee engagement but also served as a catalyst for fostering a more transparent, responsive, and cohesive work environment fulfilling unique business requirements. As we move forward, we're committed to refining our use of Officevibe, and exploring new ways to leverage its features to enhance communication, recognition, and support within our team. Our journey with Workleap Officevibe underscores a broader lesson for organizations striving to navigate the complexities of modern workplace dynamics: the value of investing in tools and practices that prioritize the well-being and development, productivity and efficiency of the staff. By doing so, companies can cultivate a culture of trust, collaboration, and resilience that not only uplifts individuals but also propels the office toward sustainable success. In conclusion, our experience with Officevibe reaffirms our belief in the power of thoughtful, consistent engagement strategies. As we continue to harness this tool's potential, we remain dedicated to building an environment where every team member feels valued, their valuable insights heard, and motivated to contribute their best. The road to optimizing our workplace atmosphere is ongoing, and with Officevibe, we are better equipped to travel this path, embracing both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

 Used sources:

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Matt Sadowski

CEO of Mobile Reality

CEO of Mobile Reality

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