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Discover answers to questions about whether HR tasks be automated or integrated with human intelligence and how can HR leverage IT achievements.
Updated at11.01.2024
Published at02.06.2023
Ewa Sadowska
Ewa Sadowska

HR & Administration Manager

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What does a strong HR leader do and what tasks does it perform? 
  3. Modern HR at Mobile Reality
  4. Tools we use in the remote  work of HR in Mobile Reality
  5. Co-operation with other entities
  6. Communication with employees and more
  7. Conclusion
  8. Insights from HR and EB in the IT industry

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Reading recent MR publications at Hackernoon regarding the development and applications of artificial intelligence, I've asked myself several questions and reflections on how HR professionals can adapt to the evolving landscape. Should the tasks of an HR professional be taken over by a robot? Or is there a need to integrate artificial intelligence with human intelligence? How can HR effectively harness the achievements of IT civilization and leverage them to enhance HR activities? How can administrative machines with advanced automation and machine learning capabilities be used efficiently in HR work, without being overtaken by them? Moreover, what does the work of hard HR look like at Mobile Reality?

Allow me to provide a general overview of the tasks I, as an HR person, perform within the company, emphasizing that I mainly work remotely. By bringing the work of remote HR to Mobile Reality, together we can explore how artificial intelligence can facilitate HR tasks and whether it has the potential to replace certain aspects of my role.

So, what exactly does a strong HR leader do, and what tasks do they undertake?

The responsibilities of a strong HR leader extend beyond mere paperwork, such as setting up and maintaining employee files, calculating salaries, managing working hours, handling layoffs, and overseeing vacations. While these records are essential for a company's proper functioning, HR professionals also play a crucial role in establishing efficient and effective communication within the company, fostering a positive team atmosphere, and cultivating a sense of employee identification with the employer brand. These aspects are instrumental in promoting the interests of both employees and the employer, ensuring a harmonious work environment.

The exploration of HR at Mobile Reality sheds light on navigating HR realities, providing valuable insights into the latest trends and training opportunities. It presents both challenges and opportunities for HR professionals to adapt to the changing landscape and leverage AI and technological advancements to enhance HR services. By striking a balance between compliance with HR policies and championing fairness, our HR at Mobile Reality can seize the opportunity to thrive in the dynamic business world.

Ultimately, this examination of HR at Mobile Reality invites visitors to consider how HR practices can be optimized within the context of a company like Mobile Reality. While AI may not replace the human aspect of HR entirely, it can certainly reshape HR operations, improve talent management, and drive organizational success. By embracing the potential of AI and combining it with human intelligence, it can harness the power of technology while retaining the core values and principles that define HR.

What does a strong HR leader do and what tasks does it perform?  

mobile reality company executive team

When we discuss the role of a strong HR professional, is it solely limited to what is commonly referred to as "paperwork"? Tasks such as setting up and maintaining employee files, calculating salaries, accounting for working hours, managing layoffs, and overseeing vacations? Certainly, keeping these records accurately is crucial for the smooth operation of any company, as it ensures the well-being of employees while protecting the interests of the employer. However, the responsibilities of a strong HR leader go beyond these administrative tasks.

In addition to record-keeping, my role as an HR professional at Mobile Reality encompasses various vital aspects. I strive to foster efficient and factual communication within the company, create a positive work atmosphere, and cultivate a strong sense of employee identification with the employer brand. These endeavors contribute to a harmonious workplace environment, aligning the interests of both the employees and the organization.

It is noteworthy that the HR landscape is constantly evolving. Each year brings new events, facts, and research that shape the way we work and the strategies we employ. Staying updated with the latest news and trends, such as through organizations like Deloitte and SHRM, is essential for effectively navigating the dynamic HR terrain. Furthermore, technology, including platforms like Twitter, plays a significant role in shaping HR practices, allowing us to adapt and respond to the changing needs of the workforce.

As an HR professional at Mobile Reality, my aim is to bridge the gap between technological advancements and human resources. By leveraging research and embracing innovative ways of working, we can tap into the potential that technology offers. This enables us to enhance HR practices, streamline operations, and create a thriving work environment for employees.

Modern HR at Mobile Reality

Matthew and Marcin, the founders and CEOs of Mobile Reality, are aware and know that a well-functioning remote HR department has a considerable impact on the success of the entire company. 

They were able to find funds to hire a person responsible for the so-called soft and hard HR.

I think that together we form an HR Business Partner. Such a division allows each party to concentrate on its task. Aneta takes care of effective recruitment and many elements of employer branding, employee training, social media, and company events, on the other hand, I carry out tasks related to paperwork.

The success of our work, and at the same time the success of the company, is a close cooperation between us, mutual complementation, and exchange of knowledge and skills. Complementation and exchange of knowledge and skills. A huge impact on building a modern HR Mobile Reality is conscious and adapted to the capabilities of the company investing in the development of human resources.

Tools we use in the remote  work of HR in Mobile Reality 

It is difficult to imagine modern HR working remotely without digital tools.

Keeping in mind that employee records should be kept in accordance with the Polish Regulation of the Minister of Family, Labor, and Social Policy of December 10, 2018.  On employee documentation, the company uses proven and secure solutions using Google Workspace, Atlassian applications: Jira, Confluence, Slack messenger, PeopleForce applications, and, of course, the entire suite of programs Office 365. the solutions offered in these tools allow you to:

#To create a database of electronic employee files, which are a reflection of the paper documentation of employee folders. An employee file is a course of an employee's employment. Thanks to the ability to share some scopes on disk employees can view their documentation on a regular basis. Paper folders are the original documents of contracts, anecdotes, statements, and applications requiring the personal signature of the employee.  We accomplish this through personal contact with the employee or we use certified electronic signature, or qualified signature. We often use the services of the Postal Service. Electronic folders are scans of these documents where the employee during the period of employment has to see copies of documents placed on disk. 

#To manage the working time of employees and mine is used Jira application. This application has two possibilities on the one hand it is unchecking the working time in TEMPO in a given week by the employee, based on the basis of which the employee prepares time records, which he sends once a month to the so-called "financial email" of the company. Financial email of the company on the other "board" on which I have designated or write down myself the tasks to be performed on a given day setting their priority - time of execution, type, description of what it concerns. As the task is implemented as the task is completed, it moves to the next stage, which is visible to both me and my employer. This gives the opportunity to control not only whether the work has been done. When working remotely, where we manage our own time, this is extremely important. 

#Payrolls are created using the Sheets application on Google Drive, thanks to which they are continuously analyzed by the person making the payment.

#Leave accounting - all leave documentation is located in the People Force program  

#Applications leave calendar - the process of submitting an application and its approval is done remotely 

#Confluence is a knowledge base for all employees which I use for any procedures regarding: 

  • GDPR  requirements

  • Implementation of remote working

  • Keeping and submitting time records  

  • Equipment control

  • List and scope of benefits

  • Document templates of applications, applications

Of course, using the above-mentioned applications and data transfer, we take care and control on an ongoing basis, all security features, update security software licenses, use encryption of document transmission, and enter passwords. We are taking care to protect against data loss or insight. We ensure that all processes comply with the determinants of the GDPR regulations. 

Co-operation with other entities

mobile reality team software developers

It should be mentioned here that in the face of changing legislation, it is important to have to be able to use not only industry information posted on various Internet portals. My employers, caring for the comfort of my work, allow me to use assistance from a law firm and an accounting firm. This constant remote cooperation with a law firm that helps me on an ongoing basis to update model contracts, statements, and other important documents, as well as cooperation with the accounting firm is an indispensable improvement to my work. 

Noteworthy here is the way or use of "cloud" work capabilities shared access to the documents in question. This makes it immeasurably easier to work on the developed document, payroll preparation.

Communication with employees and more

An efficient HR is, above all, efficient and fast communication. Irreplaceable here is the Slack communicator and company e-mail boxes on Google Drive. Thanks to it every day I meet with my boss discussing tasks and HR problems of the day. I exchange information with my "professional" colleague Aneta. I write important information to employees and I answer their questions. Contact with employees is made possible by my weekly short calls called feedback and team video conferences. Thanks to, Slack has many options and channels I know what kind of music a particular employee likes, what his or her sports achievements are, and when he gets a reward in the form of a "kudos" using NFT Reality @ engage with kudos & collectibles application. 


In conclusion, an HR professional's role revolves around working for and with people. It is crucial for them to have a deep understanding of individuals, build relationships, and effectively collaborate with them. However, it is becoming increasingly challenging to envision modern HR without the integration of digital tools, which are constantly evolving.

As the HR landscape embraces technology, professionals in this field must not only keep pace with technological advancements but also strive to stay ahead of the curve. The question arises: Is it time for HR tasks to be automated and taken over by robots? While there is value in leveraging automation and digital tools to simplify certain aspects of HR work, we must remember the significance of human expertise and judgment.

Digital tools can undoubtedly enhance productivity and streamline processes. Access to updated knowledge of labor laws and payroll at our fingertips, without the need to scour professional websites, can be incredibly convenient. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots that provide instant access to document templates or answer specific inquiries can be a significant advantage. However, it is important to note that humans need to possess the necessary understanding and discernment to utilize these resources effectively.

While automation can bring efficiency and convenience, it cannot replace the inherent value of human interaction and the nuanced understanding of complex HR policies. Human professionals are still needed to navigate the intricacies of managing people and ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations. Today, more than ever, HR professionals play a vital role in driving organizational success by effectively managing change and fostering a people-centric work environment.

In summary, as HR professionals embrace digital transformation, it is essential to strike a balance between utilizing technology and preserving the human touch. Digital tools can augment productivity, but they should complement human expertise rather than replace it. By leveraging technology wisely and staying attuned to the organization's and its people's needs, HR professionals can navigate the evolving landscape while upholding compliance and delivering value.

Insights from HR and EB in the IT industry

Are you curious about the unique challenges and innovative solutions in HR and employer branding within the IT industry? At Mobile Reality, we're excited to share with you a wealth of insights from our experiences. Discover the problems we face, the strategies that drive us, and the creative ideas we implement in our HR and employer branding initiatives. Dive into our collection of related articles featured on our blog – a treasure trove of knowledge awaits you:

Enjoy exploring these insights. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. If you're interested in joining our dynamic team, explore the opportunities in our career section and submit your CV. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Matt Sadowski

CEO of Mobile Reality

CEO of Mobile Reality

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