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Marketing & HR7 benefits for your employees that cost you nothing

Many companies compete in the number of these ideas, which is why there are so many ideas that no one is surprised by.
Updated at11.01.2024
Published at12.08.2022
Aneta Wodarz
Aneta Wodarz

HR Manager

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Remote or hybrid work
  3. Flexible work schedule
  4. Flexible days off
  5. Feedback culture and career path
  6. Education
  7. Healthy work atmosphere
  8. Transparency and diversity
  9. Insights from HR and EB in the IT industry

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More and more companies in the world are implementing interesting and creative benefits that will surprise potential employees. Many companies compete in the number of these ideas, which is why there are so many ideas that no one is surprised by. Medical care for an employee's pet or a subscription to diapers/hygiene accessories for new moms? It all sounds great, doesn't it? These types of creative benefits are amazing and certainly attract a lot of talents. The employees themselves are very satisfied, but often employers forget about the simplest benefits that are the easiest to implement, have the best impact on employee morale, and at the same time cost you nothing. Can there be something better than a satisfied employee and a low cost of benefits at the same time?

So what can you implement in your company as an employer right away, and it won't cost you anything? Well, maybe except for the time you’ll spend on organizing and taking care of the implementation process, but it can be spent, right?

benefits for your employees

Remote or hybrid work

 After 2 years of the pandemic, no one needs to be told why it’s important and valuable for both the employee and the employer. Employees can work from anywhere, they can work in pajamas, and can have a pet day all the time. They don’t waste time commuting or on lunch breaks. Their day is more organized, and they can easily control their work-life balance. It all increases the efficiency of employees, as well as their satisfaction. If you have an employee who sometimes prefers to work in an office, give them the opportunity to work in a coworking space - it won't cost you a lot, and you’ll notice the difference immediately. Are you working with your HR department on a “workation” or “pet day” employee benefit? What for? Start remote/hybrid work and “workation” and “pet day” will be expected. It’s very simple.

Flexible work schedule

This is the easiest way to implement. If your employees work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, why not allow them flexible working hours? Do all your employees have to start work at 9? Do you think everyone is creative and focused only between 9 and 5? Maybe someone needs to go to the dentist during the day or to yoga classes, and will do better and faster work in the evening? Think seriously about it, because the hourly flexibility will increase the efficiency of employees at least 2 times, it allows them to take care of their life, and you’ll gain happy, loyal, and more committed employees.

Flexible days off

Are you one of those employers who need to schedule each day off at least six months in advance? If so, please change it immediately! We know well that due to work on projects, the leave, which will last 2 weeks cannot be reported at the last minute, but maybe 2 months before? Remember that many things change during the year, and your employee may prefer to go on vacation only in autumn instead of summer. They will not be able to do it, because they have already reported a vacation a year earlier and cannot change it now. It sounds scary and probably is associated with the worst workplaces ever, but… you don't want to be associated with it, allow your employees a little flexibility. Set new rules that will be beneficial for both parties: think about it, check it, and your employees will thank you right away!

Feedback culture and career path

This point seems so obvious that it’s impossible to treat it as a benefit. But... are you aware of the fact that there are many companies that provide feedback to employees that is not valuable to them? Which doesn’t change anything in their development? Thus, it causes the career of many people to stand still. The employees don’t know how to develop themselves, so you can’t expect them to develop the company with you, because how would they do it? How, then, can it be done to make the feedback useful enough for the employee to know exactly what to strengthen/improve and be able to develop their career path? Think about it, and tailor it to your organization. If in doubt, remember that for many people, just after money, the motivator to change jobs is career prospects/promotions. Therefore, if you want to leave the best employees, take care of them also in terms of their development - it will not only be valuable for them but above all for your company.


If we think about feedback and career path, it must result from current education, so let your employees learn. Give them space so that they can use their working time to improve their competencies and that they don’t have to do it in their free time. In 

Mobile Reality, we’ve something like the “Dzień Kompilatora”, which means that each of our employees can use it any day for education once a month. The employees learn so much during the year that it would never be possible to achieve it if they had to do it only in private time, especially with daily life and home duties. This sentence will be repeated once again, but a well-rested employee and a learning employee are the best assets for your company.

team member works

Healthy work atmosphere

Very simple, but time-consuming and requires many issues in the organization to be regulated. It seems simple, but it really takes a lot of energy and time to develop a really healthy working atmosphere, without conflict, jealousy, or competition. How to start? First, the work should start with the business owners, so that they’re the best example for other managers. Then collect feedback from employees and work on whatever your team shows you as toxic or harmful to their well-being. Believe me, this is the cheapest and the best benefit you can offer your employees. Even when you end your cooperation with someone, this particular person will remember the work in the place where they worked with a team of people without drama for many years to come. Such companies are really rare on the market - believe me! 

Transparency and diversity

I would like to ask if you still need to explain it to someone these days, but I realize that not everyone would treat it as a benefit. Transparency and diversity in the company also have a great influence on the working atmosphere described above. When an employee knows that they are fairly rewarded, that their salary does not differ from other colleagues, and that regardless of their opinions, they’ll be respected by the team, they will feel safe. They will be sure that the company cares about them. Remember, there is nothing more valuable than trust.

The implementation of the above benefits is certainly not the easiest thing to do, but their cost and the effects (like employee happiness) you get are worth every second. Remember that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, so it's worth at least a try. You will lose nothing, and you can gain a lot. 

If you would like to join a team that offers all of the above, join us here. However, if you would like to ask questions and find out how we managed to implement it all, just write to us!

Insights from HR and EB in the IT industry

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Matt Sadowski

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CEO of Mobile Reality

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