BusinessTOP 5 web3 music companies you need to know about in 2024

Top 5 promising web3 tech companies from the music industry that are going to revolutionize the market.
Updated at07.06.2024
Published at21.05.2023
Matt Sadowski
Matt Sadowski

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How does web3 technology shape the music industry?

Web3 technology impacts the music industry by introducing new possibilities for artists, creators, and consumers. Here are some ways in which web3 technology is shaping the music industry.

Decentralized Distribution Platforms 

Web3 technology enables the music industry the creation of decentralized platforms for music distribution. These platforms leverage blockchain technology to remove intermediaries and provide direct peer-to-peer interactions between artists and fans. Artists can retain more control over their content and receive fair compensation for their work.

Smart Contracts and Royalty Payments 

Web3 music allows for the use of smart contracts, which are self-executing agreements that automatically enforce the terms and conditions defined within them. Smart contracts can be utilized to automate royalty payments, ensuring that artists receive immediate and transparent compensation for their music. NFT technology and NFT projects are leading concepts in this area. NFT music marketplaces that allow independent artists to distribute, sell and earn on their property rights, royalties and work thanks to digital assets creation are game changers for the music industry.

Tokenization of Music with NFTs

Web3 technology enables the tokenization of music assets, where artists can create and sell digital tokens on the NFT marketplace that represent ownership or access rights to their music. This enables new crowdfunding models, where fans can directly invest in artist, musician by purchasing tokens and receive benefits such as exclusive content, voting rights, or a share of future revenue.

Fan Engagement and Community Building

 Web3 technology facilitates stronger fan engagement and community building. Artist, musician can interact directly with his or her fans through decentralized social platforms, incentivize fan participation through gamification mechanisms, and provide unique experiences or rewards using cryptocurrencies or digital tokens, NFTs.

Content Monetization and Micropayments

Web3 technology enables micropayments and frictionless monetization of digital content. Fans can support artists by making small payments for individual songs through the platform like NFT marketplace, streaming, or other forms of content consumption. This can lead to more sustainable revenue streams for artists, especially independent and emerging ones.

Web3 technology provides improved copyright protection mechanisms through blockchain-based solutions. Taking leverage from such technologies as Flow, Ethereum blockchain, or Solana, artists can register their work on a public blockchain, establishing a timestamped proof of ownership and originality. This can help prevent the unauthorized use or distribution of their music and personal information.

Collaborative Music Creation

Web3 technology fosters collaboration among artists, producers, and creators in the music business. By providing decentralized platforms for music creation, artist, musician can collaborate in real time, share creative assets securely, and maintain transparent ownership and royalty-sharing arrangements.

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Unique selection of top 5 web3 music tech companies

#1 TuneGO

  • Founded date: 2013

  • HQ: Henderson, Nevada

  • Last Funding Round: $7,7mln, 2018

  • Founder(s): John Kohl, Ofek Hayon, Stacy Haitsuka

The web3 music platform, TuneGO is the gateway connecting music artists & creators with fans & collectors in the world of web3. For artists, the platform allows them to create digital music collectibles among the world’s fastest-growing community of music collectors using collectibles and Flow blockchain from Dapper Labs. 

The process is simple. The creator uploads his song, mints the collectible, publishes the digital asset on the marketplace, sells art, and starts earning money and royalties for music. Moreover, TuneGO offers several other modules for art creators, like a community-building Creator public profile, multiple tracks per drop, digital commemorative tickets, and targeted advertising, custom NFT marketplace promotion. 

On the other hand, music digital assets collectors and music fans have a great tool to buy, collect, and resell collectibles and songs. Furthermore, they can have a direct connection with their favorite artists, and this is a great music streaming platform.

#2 Audius

  • Founded date: 2018

  • HQ: San Francisco Bay Area, the US

  • Last Funding Round: unknown, 2022

  • Founder(s): Forrest Browning, Ranidu Lankage, Roneil Rumburg

Through Audius, creators can create permanent and time-stamped records of their creative works and register them on the Audius network. By leveraging Solana blockchain technology (migration in 2020 from Ethereum blockchain), the network ensures that metadata attribution remains secure, verifiable, and unchangeable.

By eliminating the need for traditional intermediaries, this web3 platform offers a transparent platform that connects creators directly with consumers. Users can easily discover new content and verify music's authenticity through a genuinely transparent attribution system.

One of the key features of Audius is its utilization of blockchain technology to enable safe and instant payments for artists. As consumers listen to content, artists receive fair compensation without delays or intermediaries. Artists can choose from preexisting license terms or create their own, and Audius automates the payment process, license transfers, and issuance of licenses.

#3 Royal

  • Founded date: 2021,

  • HQ: Austin, Texas, United States

  • Last Funding Round: $55mln, 2021

  • Founder(s): JD Ross, Justin David Blau

Royal is a pioneering music marketplace that allows everyone to invest in music and earn royalties in collaboration with musicians and artists. Their vision centers around a future where fans and artists become music co-owners and mutually enjoy the financial rewards.

At the core of Royal's philosophy is the belief in artist freedom. Recognizing that fans play a pivotal role in an artist's journey, Royal empowers artists to retain their independence and preserve creative control. By fueling their careers, fans become instrumental in shaping the music landscape.

Through Royal, individuals are allowed to participate in the music industry uniquely, investing in their favorite artists and songs while sharing the financial benefits of their success. This innovative approach fosters a stronger connection and collaboration between fans, musicians, and artists, forging a new era of shared ownership and mutual growth.

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#4 anotherblock

  • Founded date: 2021

  • HQ: Stockholm, Sweden

  • Last Funding Round: €4mln, 2021

  • Founder(s): Filip Strömsten, Sebastian Ljungberg, Michel Malung

anotherblock introduces tokenized musical rights for popular tracks, allowing holders to acquire genuine royalty rights and earn revenue from streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This web3 music platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain,  enables music enthusiasts and retail investors to access and invest in stable alternative assets — music rights — that were previously difficult to obtain due to high investment requirements.

anotherblock team believes in empowering individuals to participate in the music industry by offering fractional ownership of these valuable assets. With anotherblock, people can now purchase fractions of these assets and become co-owners of their favorite music tracks alongside the artists themselves. This brings fans closer to the music they love while providing an avenue for investment and potential financial returns.

By breaking down barriers and allowing people to buy fractions of music rights, anotherblock makes it possible for a wider range of individuals to engage with the music industry and benefit from its growth. With anotherblock, music lovers can now have a stake in their favorite tracks, fostering a new level of connection and collaboration between artists and their fans.

#5 Ampy

  • Founded date: 2022

  • HQ: Paris, France

  • Last Funding Round: unknown

  • Founder(s): Leo Simon

Ampy revolutionizes the music business and how artists and labels engage with their fans by providing tools to identify, segment, and monetize them based on their music consumption. Currently, music listeners are treated as fungible entities, lacking the ability to distinguish between a first-time listener and a devoted fan. This flaw in the music industry's funnel hinders effective fan engagement.

With Ampy, built on smart contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain, this issue is addressed head-on. It offers a powerful solution to segment and monetize fans based on their music consumption patterns. By leveraging Ampy's capabilities, music artist and labels can maximize their return on investment (ROI) by converting their passive audience into segmented and active fanbases.

Ampy's innovative approach empowers music artists and labels to recognize and understand his fans on a deeper level. By analyzing data related to music consumption, Ampy enables precise fan segmentation, allowing for targeted marketing and personalized experiences. This personalized approach enhances fan engagement and loyalty, ultimately leading to increased monetization opportunities for artists and labels.


In conclusion, the emergence of web3 technology is reshaping the music industry, and several companies are leading the way in leveraging its potential. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog via the RSS channel to be updated with web3 music news!

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CEO of Mobile Reality

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