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Cryptocurrency Exchange PlatformCreate your investment portfolio on our cryptocurrency exchange

With this cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can buy and sell over 50 currencies on our regulated crypto exchange.

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Scope of work

  • Web development

  • React JS

  • React Native

  • UX/UI Design

Genesis of the Project

This crypto exchange company presents to its clients the financial tools and education to bring less confusion and more power to people investing. It also lets them to learn more about crypto, nurture funds on our exchange and pay with their own portfolio’s rewards.

cryptocurrencyExchangePlatform app first screenshot


Our main challenge was to think of many details to understand and integrate with an external development team, legacy code refactoring, and migration to new technology, which may often lead to poorly understood or undocumented legacy processes and a lack of pre-standardization from the client’s side. But as we’ve got enough experience in that field we’ve made a plan which could help our client to adapt to the new technology. We’ve asked to monitor the whole process performance and compare the as-is to the should-be, as well as to track the whole progress towards business outcomes by comparing key KPIs before and after migrating.

cryptocurrencyExchangePlatform app second screenshot
  • Expertises

    Fintech & Banking

  • Location


Main goals

Our main goals in this project were providing the best React.JS expertise and knowledge. As company that has many years experience in the React.JS we knew how to use the best benefits of this technology to our client. ReactJS is extremely intuitive to work with and provides interactivity to the layout of any UI, so we’ve created the best UI for this Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform app as possible.

Also, the great React.JS Javascript library let us simplifies the entire process of writing code for the planned project which reduced a plant of time. And the proficient data binding of React.Js technology let our clients to track all the changes made to any particular segment of the data, which gave them the whole power of control of the project.

cryptocurrencyExchangePlatform app third screenshot


As was written higher, we used the React.JS technology with available libraries and 3rd party applications to create the best user experience and user interface for our clients mobile application users. In the long run, this perk translates to having a more extensive reach for the mobile application, which is a massive advantage for a well-rounded business project, just like our client does.

Also we used the reusable components benefit of ReactJS technology which allowed to start the development cycle with tiny pieces and slowly progressing to larger ones, eventually getting component-based app fundamentals. Because it’s possible to reuse these components. Consequently, our client got a more optimized application by saving resources and getting the most of the framework capacity.

cryptocurrencyExchangePlatform app fourth screenshot


We’ve got a project from the crypto exchange company which gives access to its clients to the financial tools and education. We were asked to help them with the migration of the whole exchange platform to React.JS technology, which is much faster, gives much more benefits to owners of the apps and the most important - give user the best experience they can get.

As we’ve got years of React.JS software development experience, we knew how to use the best benefits of this technology to our client and its users of the application. In a result we created a product on the React.JS technology which is fast, flexible and gives users the best performance and usability.

cryptocurrencyExchangePlatform app fifth screenshot

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