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Technical due diligence

Technology investments and conducting thorough technical due diligence is paramount for investors and companies alike. Mobile Reality stands at the forefront of this essential process, offering specialized technical due diligence services that delve deep into the technical state, quality, and potential risks associated with IT systems. Our comprehensive due diligence checklist and process are designed to empower your investment decisions, ensuring a roadmap to funding that is both secure and promising.

Technical due diligence goes beyond a mere audit. It's a critical deep dive into the tech stack, development practices, and security and compliance measures of technology companies, startups, or products. This due diligence review lays the groundwork for understanding the scalability of the business model, the intellectual property status, and the overall technical capabilities of the product or service in question.

The Due Diligence Checklist for Startups and Investors

Our due diligence requirements encompasses every aspect necessary for a thorough evaluation, focusing on the following

Documentation and Technical Documentation Review

Critical for assessing the quality assurance measures, development processes, and the organizational structure of the tech infrastructure.

Intellectual Property Evaluation

Understanding the intellectual property status is crucial for investors and companies, ensuring that code ownership and potential knowledge loss are adequately addressed.

Technology Stack and Infrastructure Assessment

Evaluating the technology stack, infrastructure and architecture, and the technical side of the product development process allows for a detailed understanding of the product's current capabilities and future growth potential.

Security and Compliance Checks

Essential for identifying risks and ensuring that the product and technology roadmap adhere to industry standards and requirements.

Quality Assessment and Code Quality Review

A look into the code quality and development practices offers insights into the technical health and sustainability of the tech product.

Information Technology Due Diligence Scope

Documentation Review and Current Product Offerings


This involves a thorough review of the software's documentation to ensure it accurately represents the current state and capabilities of the system.

System functionalities

We assess whether the documented functionalities align with the actual performance and user experience of the system.

Database structure and scheme

The evaluation of the database architecture to identify potential scalability or performance issues.


This involves a thorough review of the software's documentation to ensure it accurately represents the current state and capabilities of the system.

Infrastructure diagram

Analyzing the infrastructure diagram helps in understanding the system's architecture and its potential limitations or strengths.

Implementation Control

Review of the Management Process Over the System

Includes assessing how the management's vision and business concepts are translated into the system's development and operations.

Software Development Process Control

We examine the adherence to best practices in software development to ensure high-quality outputs.

Product Roadmap Verification

Checking the alignment of the product roadmap with current market trends and technological advancements.

Technical Debt and Technical Issues

Identifying existing technical debt and issues, assessing their impact on the system’s future development and maintenance.

Tech Team and Technical Managers Interview

QA Control

We evaluate the effectiveness of quality assurance measures in place to maintain the system's integrity.

QA Documentation

Reviewing QA documentation to ensure it is comprehensive and up to date, reflecting all quality assurance processes accurately.

QA Technical Processes

Assessing the technical QA processes to identify areas of improvement for enhanced product quality.

Automation Level

Evaluating the level of automation in QA processes to determine the efficiency and consistency of testing procedures.

Financial Health Check

Cost Prediction and Analysis

Projecting the future costs associated with maintaining and scaling the technology, including technical debt repayment..

Revenue Streams and Monetization Strategy

Assessing the existing or potential revenue models and their viability within the current market context.


Possible SEO Improvements

Analyzing current SEO performance to identify opportunities for enhancing online visibility and user engagement.


Double Check of External System Integrations

We meticulously verify the integration points with external systems to evaluate their efficiency and impact on the primary system's reliability and performance.

Documentation Check

Checking and Completing Technical Maintenance Documentation

Ensures all necessary documentation is accurate and comprehensive, facilitating smooth transitions and maintenance post-acquisition.

Legal and Compliance Audit

Intellectual Property Review

Confirming the status of patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property to ensure there are no infringements or potential legal challenges.

Regulatory Compliance Check

Ensuring that the product meets all relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements, minimizing legal risks.

Security Review

User Roles, Permissions, Organizational Structure

Examining the security protocols around user roles and permissions within the organizational structure to prevent unauthorized access.

Dependencies, Packages

Assessing the security of dependencies and packages to mitigate vulnerabilities that could compromise the system.

Technical Risk Identification

Recommendations Regarding Identified Technical Risks

Providing actionable insights to mitigate identified risks and safeguarding the buyer's investment in the IT system.


Evaluation of the Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Ensuring the system is accessible, promoting inclusivity and compliance with legal standards.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Market Positioning

Evaluate how the product or technology fits within the current market landscape and its potential for growth or disruption.

Competitor Technology Benchmarking

Comparing the technology stack, features, and performance against leading competitors to gauge competitive advantage or identify areas for improvement.

Technology Scalability and Future-Proofing

Scalability Assessment

Evaluating the architecture and infrastructure for its ability to scale in response to business growth.

Future Technology Trends

Analyzing how emerging technology trends might impact the product and what adjustments might be necessary to stay relevant and competitive.

Navigating the Due Diligence Process with Mobile Reality

Mobile Reality's technical and IT due diligence servrices and process is meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of technology companies, investors, and startups looking to navigate the complexities of tech investments. Our services include:

  • 01

    Intro Call and Initial Assessment

    Setting the stage for a detailed technical due diligence by understanding the business model, product, and technology roadmap.

  • 02

    Risk Identification and Quality Assurance Controls

    Identifying potential risks, assessing the quality of the tech stack, and evaluating the scalability of the business against its technological capabilities in reference to the scope presented above.

  • 03

    Comprehensive Tech Analysis

    Conducting a deep dive into the technical infrastructure, software development quality, and tech diligence aspects, including a thorough tech dd (due diligence) and private equity report for potential investors in reference to the scope presented above.

  • 04

    Technical Due Diligence Report

    Delivering a detailed due diligence report that outlines the findings, recommendations, and a technology dd cover that guides investment decisions and product development strategies in reference to the scope presented above.

Working with us

Our team, specialized in JavaScript frameworks such as React.JS, Node.JS, and Vue.JS, along with expertise in Amazon Web Services, Tableau, and R, ensures that your tech diligence is thorough, covering every aspect from security reviews to the assessment of the technology model and auditor findings.

    Working with team

    Your Roadmap to Successful Technology Investment

    Technical due diligence is not just a step in the investment process. It's a comprehensive review that can determine the success of tech buyouts, mergers, and investments. With Mobile Reality, you gain a partner equipped with the technical expertise and industry knowledge necessary to navigate the due diligence questions, from assessing the technical state to understanding the comprehensive tech landscape. Let us guide you through the due diligence steps, from the initial audit, through organizational structure review to the final investment decision, ensuring your path to funding is built on a solid foundation of technical excellence and strategic insight.

    Let’s talk about your audit.

    Each point above is a high-level description of all possible steps during the technical due diligence process. If you have any questions schedule a free 30-minutes consultation.

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