How we work

Our process for creating digital products is agile, flexible and tailored to your needs.

Working with a professional team that is proficient in every step of the product delivery process will be a part of your experience. 

Product Discovery

The exciting beginning of our relationship for the delivery of our products occurs at this point, which goes much beyond the conventional, basic project management methodology. The needs of the end users and the issue that the solution will be tackling are our main concerns. We also want to begin outlining the problem we can solve, the available market-based solutions, and the value we can offer potential customers.

Market validation

We now have a thorough grasp of the issue and a theory for a potential fix. Assessing the accuracy of our assumptions is the next step. This phase's objective is to rapidly and inexpensively determine from our potential customers whether developing our product is worthwhile.


We can proceed to the stage of product development if it has been determined that a product idea has a good probability of being successful. We take pleasure in having a smooth product delivery procedure that involves frequent communication with you. The correct Scrum implementation is where we start, then we concentrate on data-driven development.


Once your product is operational, it will probably need some continuing upkeep. This phase's objectives include fixing any remaining defects, addressing potential security concerns, and making any necessary minor improvements. A thorough infrastructure health check might also be included.


Our constant goal is to create a seamless product hand-off. Our programmers and designers meticulously record every step of their work. We hand over ownership of the codebase, plan the last knowledge-sharing meetings, and provide you all the paperwork you need to keep running your product. This last step is always simple and easy because we take pride in excellent communication with you throughout the product development process.

The secret to your product being delivered successfully is effective project management. To maximize value, our efficient methodology relies on an incremental, adaptive process that combines Agile principles with conventional project management techniques.

We assist you in completing concept-to-product projects successfully, carrying out iterative improvements to your product, and maintaining a positive working relationship throughout.

    Data analytics is the process of examining unprocessed datasets to draw inferences about the information they contain. Applications that operate on machine learning algorithms, simulation, and automated systems may be used in data analytics processes and approaches.

      Tech stack

      In Mobile Reality we use JavaScript, top-notch and trusted technologies as React.JS, Node.JS, Vue.JS, React Native, AWS to deliver the high quality digital products.

      Time & Material

      How it works?

      The contracted worker or team charges for the real work time. This form of cooperation allows for agile management of resources of the company, which carries out a given project.

      When to choose time & material?

      • You understand that specifications can alter even after a project has begun.
      • You desire flexibility and the capacity to respond rapidly to shifting company requirements.
      • There isn't a set spending limit for the entire project.
      • You prefer to monitor and check the progress of consultants while they are working.
      • In your IT department, resource flexibility is something you value.


      How it works?

      The mixed model combines the FP and T&M. Clearly defined requirements are implemented based on the Fixed Price and requirements that were unknown at the start of the project are implemented based on the Time & Material price model.

      When to choose mixed model?

      • It gives you the max flexibility.
      • You can also make changes at any stage of the project.
      • It will be easier to control budgets than with T&M as each sprint will be evaluated separately.
      • At the end of each sprint, you will receive an assessment and a progress report.
      • When you want a mixed model, but allow additional costs.

      Fixed Price

      How it works?

      Is a model that assumes stipulating beforehand a fixed price, as well as the scope and schedule of work. The responsibility for the whole project lies on the external company’s side.

      When to choose fixed price?

      • You are fully aware of the project's preferred completion date and total work scope.
      • You want to be certain that the money you spent will result in the desired result.
      • Since you are concerned with the results, you don't have time to supervise the work of consultants.
      • The project's deadline is set and cannot be extended.
      • You are aware of what you want, but you would rather let experts handle the details.

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      Matt Sadowski

      CEO of Mobile Reality

      CEO of Mobile Reality