TUROTURO - the app for displaying architectural designs

TURO offers state-of-the-art technology that creates interactive maps of construction sites, in the current and final version, in accordance with the building design.

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Scope of work

  • Web development

  • DWG to SVG converter

  • Node.JS

  • React.JS

  • UX/UI Design

About TURO

TURO is a team of experts in engineering, documentation coordination, and data administration. Our work results in the reduction of execution errors, the reduction of costs and misinformation, and the unified and digital post-execution documentation of the entire investment prepared at the end.

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We were responsible to create a system consisting of two parts: the administration panel and the panel for the business user. We’ve also had to create a system that was tasked to convert using 3rd party services DWG files to SVG files and visualize them on your system.

Visualizations must be interactive to allow users to go through all levels of a given construction project i.e. a block or a football stadium. In addition, the system has a built-in File Repository that would allow users to manage the documentation of each intruded construction.

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  • Expertises

    Real Estate & Prop-tech

  • Timeline

    08.2021 - 12.2021

  • Location


Main goals

The assigned task was to create an administration panel, business user panel, investment File Repository, interactive investment map, and PDF file management module.

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The solution we provided was the ergonomic modes of the program which would allow easy access to the always up-to-date documentation of a given element while having access to inter-branch coordination.

We’ve also moved away from traditional data folders. So the documentation would be available directly from the building map, eliminating the problem of searching for current drawings and descriptions.

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We’ve created the web app dedicated to managing bigger real estate investments and all technical documents related to them, with outstanding function of visualization of DWG technical project in web application.

Thanks to TURO, their clients can get a service that will help them manage documents and allow to find any project from any period and stage in any place and time.

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