LetempickLetempick - an app that helps you with small or big decisions.

Letempick is designed to help you with small or big decisions quickly with the help of your friends or global community.

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Scope of work

  • Web development

  • Mobile development

  • AWS Cloud

  • React.JS

  • React Native

  • UX/UI Design

About Letempick

Letempick was a company settled in the United Kingdom. The mobile app aimed to be a core part of the company's business. Data-driven approach and cooperation with e-commerce brands and a focus on recognition of customer preferences was the business goal of the company.

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Our main challenge was to create the best possible survey experience for the user, to create integration with the native camera of several Android devices, and integrate with Camera API. We also had to create deep linking to provide the best frontend-mobile users transition and our responsibility was also the image processing and management.

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  • Expertises

    Video & Audio Processing

  • Location

    United Kingdom

Main goals

Our main goals for this project were to create a perfect mobile application with an excellent user experience, a data-driven approach, and native camera management so the user can take photos and the community would be allowed to comment on photos, and surveys to express their feelings about it.

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We’ve worked with React Native with native Android bridges and React.JS frontend app to create the best user experience possible. We’ve also used NoSQL / MongoDB data and AWS Cloud solutions that helped us to deliver all of the functionality that our clients asked us to create. Moreover, we made a frontend part of the system that lets users see surveys and, thanks to the deep linking feature, lets them quickly move to the mobile app.

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Letempick was a mobile application that let users conduct surveys and create communities. We were responsible to create the app that let users ask the community which option is better, and other users give their preferences. Each survey must include two photos done by a native camera or uploaded from a gallery. When photos and surveys were published, the community had to decide which option, version, type, etc. is better.

We clarified and outlined the whole backlog of the app and the scope that had to be implemented to deliver all necessary business values. Afterward, we prepared UX/UI designs for the whole app, created a backend app, and developed a mobile application that was a core part of the whole system.

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