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BusinessTop 10 React JS Development Companies [2023 / 2024 edition]

Explore this guide to the top 10 React JS Development Companies in 2023 / 2024. Read to find out how to shortlist the best React JS Development Company!
Updated at14.06.2024
Published at06.06.2023
Matt Sadowski
Matt Sadowski

CEO @ Custom Software Development Expert

Table of contents

  1. ReactJS overview in 2023
  2. Factors of React Development Company Selection 
  3. How to Choose the Right ReactJS Development Company
  4. Conclusion
  5. Focused Rankings in Key Technologies and Domains!

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ReactJS overview in 2023

ReactJS, also known as React, is a popular JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. Developed and maintained by Facebook, ReactJS has gained widespread adoption due to its efficient and declarative approach to building UI components.

According to SimilarTech report, which analyzed 2 086 244 websites and web apps, the statistics present usage of ReactJS, VueJS, and AnluarJS in January 2024 are the following:

  • 1,345,615 (1 344 431 in June 2023) websites use React.JS technology (64%),

  • 443 999 (435 626 in June 2023) websites use Angular.JS technology (21%),

  • 318,435 (316 958 in June 2023) websites use Vue.JS technology (15%),

The stats show tremendous leadership of React JS technology over the two other most popular frontend technology javascript frameworks.

The stats show tremendous leadership of ReactJS technology over the two other most popular frontend technology javascript frameworks. Moreover, let's take a look at statistics of the React ecosystem, Angular, and VueJS communities as of the beginning of January 2024:

  • Github: React has 217k (209k in June 2023)stars from React developers, Angular has 93,1k (88,5 k in June 2023) stars, and 42,6 (38,1k in June 2023) stars for the Vue.JS GitHub project.

  • Reddit: reactjs community has 376k (346k in June 2023) thousand users, the Angular2 community has 68,2k (63,1k in June 2023) users, and vuejs community has 100k (93,9k in June 2023) users (more than Angular).

  • StackOverflow: 472,523 (457,138 in June 2023) questions tagged [react] and 302,375 (296,357 in June 2023) questions tagged [angular] vs. 106,582 (104,055 in June 2023) questions tagged [vue.js].

  • Twitter: 731,8k (698.8k in June 2023) followers of React vs. 468,6k (452.8k in June 2023) Angular followers vs. 300k (288.4k in June 2023) Vue followers.

The core principle of React JS development, a javascript framework, is the concept of a virtual DOM (Document Object Model), a lightweight representation of the actual DOM in memory. ReactJS optimizes the rendering process by utilizing the virtual DOM by efficiently updating only the necessary changed components rather than re-rendering the entire page.

Some key features and benefits of ReactJS include:

  • Component-Based Architecture: React JS web development promotes a modular approach to UI development. User interfaces are divided into reusable components, which encapsulate their own logic and can be easily composed to create complex UIs. This component-based architecture improves code maintainability and reusability.

  • Virtual DOM: ReactJS's virtual DOM allows for efficient updates and rendering. When there are changes in the application's state, React compares the virtual DOM with the actual DOM and performs the minimum required updates. This results in better performance and a smoother user experience.

  • JSX: ReactJS uses JSX (JavaScript XML), an extension of JavaScript that allows developers to write user interface, HTML-like code within their JavaScript files. JSX makes it easier to describe the structure and appearance of UI components, enhancing the readability and maintainability of the code.

  • Unidirectional Data Flow: Advanced React follows a unidirectional data flow, which means data flows from parent to child components in a single direction. This approach simplifies data management and reduces the likelihood of bugs caused by data inconsistencies.

  • Rich Ecosystem and Community Support: ReactJS has a thriving ecosystem with numerous libraries, tools, and extensions that enhance its functionality and simplify common tasks. The large and active community of React developers around this technology provides extensive support, resources, and learning materials for developers.

  • Reusability and Testability: ReactJS's component-based architecture promotes reusability, allowing developers to create modular components easily shared across different projects. Additionally, React's design facilitates unit testing, making it easier to write tests for individual components and ensure the reliability of the UI.

  • Native Mobile Development: React Native, a framework based on React, enables developers to build native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms using JavaScript. This allows for code sharing and UI components sharing between web and mobile applications, saving development time and effort. React Native development capability, in combination with React development skillset, makes a potential software development company a perfect match for your software development project, which includes mobile app development and web development.

ReactJS, a web application framework, has gained immense popularity among developers and businesses due to its efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. It is widely used in various domains, from small-scale applications to large-scale enterprise projects. Its strong community support, extensive documentation, and frequent updates ensure that ReactJS remains a robust and cutting-edge choice for front-end development.

In Mobile Reality, ReactJS is our first choice regarding frontend app development. Our ReactJS developers and experts provide our Clients with end-to-end support regarding frontend app projects. ReactJS is a leading open source framework that allows our Clients to achieve outstanding business results.

Marcin Sadowski @ CTO of Mobile Reality

Factors of React Development Company Selection 

When it comes to hiring a competent ReactJS developer, it is highly recommended to partner with a reputable React JS company. There are several crucial factors to consider during the selection process. Our selection was made according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of Work: Assess the particular ReactJS development company's portfolio and previous projects to gauge the quality of their work. Look for well-designed and functional applications that demonstrate their expertise in ReactJS development. You can also inquire about their development process and the technologies they employ to ensure they align with your project goals.

  • Client Reviews and Ratings: Seek out reviews and ratings from past clients to gain insights into the company's reputation and customer satisfaction levels. Platforms like Clutch can provide valuable feedback from previous clients. Additionally, consider reaching out to their references for more personalized feedback.

  • Price Range: Understand the pricing structure of the particular ReactJS development company and ensure it aligns with your budget and project requirements. Request detailed cost breakdowns and evaluate them in relation to the services offered.

  • Headcount: Number of ReactJS developers in the particular ReactJS development company. A company that has shown consistent growth over time indicates stability, reliability, and a commitment to delivering high-quality services. Look for indicators such as the size of their team and duration of their existence in the market.

  • Flexibility in Services: Consider the range of services offered by the React JS development company. A versatile company can cater to your specific needs and provide comprehensive solutions, including React.JS front-end development, back-end development, DevOps, UI/UX design, testing, maintenance, and support. Their ability to adapt to changing project requirements and scale accordingly can greatly impact the success of your ReactJS application.

  • Unique perspective: as creators of this ranking, we have deep knowledge about the industry, technology, and frontend development, which is why we are glad to give you this shortlist of the best (in our opinion) ReactJS software development companies in the market.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing the right ReactJS development company that best suits your project requirements. Now, let's delve into the benefits that these companies bring to their clients.

How to Choose the Right ReactJS Development Company

Selecting the ideal React app development company is paramount to the success of your project. Each company offering ReactJS development services has its unique selling points (USPs). It is crucial to assess your requirements and budget when making a decision. However, there are several key factors to consider during your evaluation:

Clear Objectives: Clearly define your project objectives and ensure that the company can meet your specific needs in ReactJS web app development project that you would like to proceed with. Verify that they have the necessary expertise regarding the industry or desired services.

Portfolio Evaluation: Carefully review the company's portfolio to assess its track record. Look for successful projects in the ReactJS domain that demonstrate their competence and ability to deliver high-quality solutions.

Budget and Timeline: Ensure that the React service provider's pricing aligns with your budget and that they can deliver within your project timeline. While top-notch services are desirable, it is essential to strike a balance between quality and timely delivery.

Cooperation type: Be sure about what cooperation type the app development company provides. Clarify if it is time & material or fixed price, or maybe a mixed model.

Client Reviews and Testimonials: Request client references and testimonials to gain insights into the ReactJS development company company's performance and customer satisfaction. Additionally, explore reviews on reputable third-party platforms (such as Clutch or Sortlist ) for unbiased feedback about the company's services.

Comprehensive Interview Process: Conduct thorough interviews with the company's React developer and project managers. Evaluate their technical proficiency and collaborative skills to ensure they can effectively contribute to your ReactJS project's success.

Flexibility: a ReactJS development company that is flexible and adaptable web development process to incorporate feedback at various stages of the project can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the final product.

While some companies opt to hire ReactJS developers in-house, there are advantages to consider. In-house ReactJS developers possess a deeper understanding of your company's standards and daily operations. You can establish a salary range for these hires and establish work schedules that align with both their needs and business requirements. 

Having dedicated in-house developers provides consistent access to required skills. Moreover, you can incentivize skill development and assign more advanced projects to foster professional growth. Additionally, in-house employees tend to be more dedicated to the company's success, resulting in heightened commitment and effort.

Carefully considering these factors will assist you in making an informed decision when selecting a ReactJS development company or determining whether in-house hiring is the right path for your organization. More about in-house vs. outsourcing can be read here.

Top 10 React JS companies 2023 / 2024 edition: a unique selection

Here’s our pick of the top 10 ReactJS development companies that you can choose from.


inoxoft top reactjs development company
  • Founded: 2014

  • IT headcount: range between 60-90 developers, including around 25 x React JS developer

  • Location: Lviv, Ukraine

  • Average Hourly Rate: $30-$50

  • Industries: healthcare, fintech, education, logistics, and real estate.

  • Clutch Rating: 5.0

With a formidable presence in the international software development landscape, InoXoft emerges as a certified partner dedicated to fulfilling the unique business needs of its clients.

InoXoft stands as a reliable and solid entity, propelled by a shared drive to add value to their clients' businesses and startups across the United States, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, and Australia. Guided by four core values - Realize, Improve, Care, and Be Sharp - InoXoft ensures that these principles underpin every decision made and every aspect of people management.

Transparency and open communication lie at the heart of their operations, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. Each team member has the opportunity to shape processes and influence the strategic direction of the company through their ideas and contributions, free from the constraints of micromanagement.

But work at InoXoft, ReactJS development company, extends beyond projects alone. It encompasses continuous self-development, team-building activities, excursions, sports, social engagements, and collective celebrations. The onboarding process is carefully crafted to facilitate quick adaptation, enabling teammates to exchange feedback and define their paths toward surpassing expectations and achieving personal growth.

2. Mobile Reality

mobile reality react native development company
  • Founded: 2016

  • IT headcount: around 25 developers in the IT development team, including around 10 x ReactJS developer

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland

  • Average Hourly Rate: $40-$60

  • Industries: fintech, real estate, digital music, healthcare, web3

  • Other technologies: React Native, Node.JS, Vue.JS, AWS, R, PWA, NextJS, GatsbyJS, NestJS

  • Clutch Rating: 5.0

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation, Mobile Reality, a top React development company, stands as a frontrunner, crafting and designing cutting-edge mobile and web solutions that drive profitability. This forward-thinking company thrives on collaboration, partnering with esteemed recipients of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award and global industry leaders, to deliver nothing short of the finest quality and most lucrative software solutions. With a team of JavaScript experts at the helm, Mobile Reality pushes boundaries and spearheads advancements in the field of technology.

Recognized for their excellence, Mobile Reality proudly boasts the prestigious Clutch award, a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. Comprised of over 30 specialists, this dynamic team has successfully completed 100+ projects, many with budgets exceeding the million-dollar mark. Their innovative products have garnered a user base of over 100,000 individuals, a testament to their widespread appeal and unmatched quality.

At Mobile Reality, passion for technology runs deep, with a particular fondness for ReactJS development services, React Native, Vue.JS, Node.JS, AWS, Android, iOS, Python, and R. The company's expertise extends to the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), where they serve as both creators and developers. Leveraging the power of the FLOW blockchain, Mobile Reality pioneers the creation of NFTs and develops smart contracts utilizing the Cadence language.

3. Flatirons

flatirons react development company
  • Founded: 2018

  • IT headcount: range between 20-30 developers, including around 10 x ReactJS developer

  • Location: Boulder, CO, United States, & Columbia

  • Average Hourly Rate: $50-$90

  • Industries: banking, healthcare, legal, real estate, transportation

  • Clutch Rating: 5

Flatirons Development is a dynamic software, React software development company and agency that is passionate about creating stunning and impactful software solutions at a pace that rivals startups. Their focus lies in crafting enjoyable user experiences while simultaneously achieving the business objectives of their clients.

In addition to their regular software services, Flatirons also operates the Flatirons Fund, a program designed to support early-stage startups by offering their services in exchange for equity or convertible debt, thereby fostering innovation and collaboration within the startup community. One of their standout products is Flatirons Fuse, an embeddable spreadsheet import tool that revolutionizes the process of importing data to websites.

By making the data import fast, easy, and painless, Flatirons Fuse transforms what used to be a cumbersome task for customers into a delightful experience. Through this product, they are streamlining data transfer between different sources and enabling businesses to handle data more efficiently.

4. Xfive

xfive reactjs development company
  • Founded: 2006

  • IT headcount: range between 30-60 developers, including around 10 x ReactJS developer

  • Location: Cracow, Poland

  • Average Hourly Rate: $50 - $90

  • Industries: eCommerce, SaaS

  • Clutch Rating: 5.0

Xfive is an award-winning digital product agency, recognized for its excellence in e-commerce development and web development by winning the Clutch Awards in 2022. They are dedicated to assisting companies in achieving growth for their online businesses by transforming their visions into reality.

With a rich history spanning over 18 years, Xfive has been a trusted partner for startups, agencies, and established businesses, providing comprehensive services in designing, building, maintaining, and scaling applications, e-commerce solutions, and websites.

The company has had the privilege of collaborating with remarkable clients, such as Twitter, during its inception and Fox throughout its digital transformation journey. Additionally, Xfive has established itself as a development partner for renowned organizations like Yanmar, SmartRecruiters, OECD, Chargebee, UC Berkeley, numerous digital agencies, and startups from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Xfive, the ReactJS development company, welcomes collaborative opportunities, offering the expertise of their product designers, project managers, and engineers to create successful products that drive business success. Whether it's startups or established enterprises, Xfive is committed to delivering high-quality digital products to help businesses thrive and succeed in the digital landscape.

5. The Software House

tsh reactjs development company
  • Founded: 2012

  • IT headcount: range between 125-170 developers, including around 50 x ReactJS developer

  • Location: Gliwice, Poland

  • Average Hourly Rate: $50 - $90

  • Industries: fintech and banking, IT, events, travel, real estate, education, marketing

  • Other technologies: Node.JS, Go, Vue.JS, Symfony, Laravel

  • Clutch Rating: 4.8

The Software House is a company that specializes in assisting CTOs, Product Owners, and technology-first company managers in accelerating their software delivery and fully embracing cloud adoption and development.

Their track record showcases success stories with over 160 technology-first companies that have surpassed their goals with the help of The Software House teams. They emphasize that their expertise and solutions are applicable to a wide range of businesses, making it possible for any company to achieve similar results.

The company's expertise revolves around cloud development, and they offer engineering teams specialized in ReactJS development, Node.js, and PHP on demand. They are also well-versed in cloud adoption and orchestration, app modernization, data engineering, and digital product design.

Overall, The Software House, is a reliable partner for technology-first companies seeking to optimize their software development processes, leverage cloud technologies, and achieve their business goals efficiently.

6. Brainhub

brainhub reactjs development company
  • Founded: 2015

  • IT headcount: range between 50-60 developers including around 25 x React.JS developer

  • Location: Gliwice, Poland

  • Average Hourly Rate: $50 - $90

  • Industries: fintech, other

  • Other technologies: Node JS, .NET, Electron JS, React Native, Golang

  • Clutch Rating: 4.9

Brainhub is an elite software development company that accelerates your projects with a high-performing team of top software engineers in Europe. They specialize in building scalable web and mobile applications using ReactJS, Node.js, .NET, TypeScript, and React Native. With a focus on delivering business value from the very beginning, they prioritize high-quality software, fast iterations, and rigorous testing.

Having successfully served 70+ tech businesses across various industries, Brainhub offers custom software development, web, mobile, and desktop development, along with DevOps and Agile consulting. Since 2015, they have been JavaScript and .NET specialists, with expertise in Node.js, React, React Native, and more. Their team comprises over 100 experts, including Software Engineers, Technical Advisors, Software Architects, UI/UX Designers, Delivery Managers, Agile Experts, Cloud Consultants, and QA Engineers. Brainhub's exceptional track record includes prestigious awards and recognition from Deloitte, FT, Clutch, and more. They have collaborated with notable companies like PwC, National Geographic, Beam, Paradox Interactive, and Jackbox Games. If you're ready to build great things, Brainhub is the partner to trust.

Ready to start development of your ReactJS application?

As a Mobile Reality, ReactJS development company, we provide our Clients with end-to-end support with React JS app development. Don't hesitate to contact us.
CEO of Mobile Reality
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7. Divelement Web Services

Divelement ReactJS development company
  • Founded: 2020

  • IT headcount: ranges between 30-35 developers, including around 18 x ReactJS developer

  • Location: Mexico & Austin, Texas, the US

  • Average Hourly Rate: $50-$90

  • Industries: fintech, other

  • Clutch Rating: 5.0

Divelement, a ReactJS development company, is a people-centric software engineering services consultancy that partners with companies to elevate their digital product roadmap and achieve their market objectives. Comprising a highly qualified and passionate team, Divelement operates as a remote workforce with flexible schedules, valuing work-life balance and the well-being of its Divelevers.

Their mission centers on delivering top-notch services to clients, striving to be the best in the industry while fostering an environment of self-organizing co-leadership. Divelement's dedication to excellence not only benefits its clients but also makes it the most sought-after workplace for its team members.

8. WeSoftYou

wesoftyou react development company
  • Founded: 2017

  • IT headcount: range between 30-35 developers, including around 18 x ReactJS developer

  • Location: Ukraine (Kyiv) and a sales office in the USA (LA, Austin)

  • Average Hourly Rate: $30 - $50

  • Industries: fintech, education, web3

  • Clutch Rating: 5.0

WeSoftYou is a leading software engineering company dedicated to crafting software solutions that cater to all your product development needs. With a team of skilled experts, WeSoftYou has established itself as a trailblazer in custom product development, setting a new standard in leadership and innovation.

Their secret lies in the fusion of Processes and Products, creating an unbeatable framework that ensures effective business outcomes. The company is committed to delivering software solutions that customers would love, and their products have made a significant impact in various industries worldwide, including Healthcare, e-Learning, Retail, crypto-currency, Fintech, and Adtech.

WeSoftYou aims to empower businesses by proving that enhanced efficiency and increased investor interest can be achieved through tailored software solutions. Their smart and customized approaches enable companies to reduce expenses, minimize errors, automate manual tasks, and optimize internal processes, leading to higher revenues, stronger financial performance, and exceeding customer expectations.

If you are seeking to showcase your brand's unique voice and explore custom development routes, WeSoftYou is the perfect partner. Contact them today to unlock the full potential of your business with cutting-edge software solutions.

9. Neoteric

neoteric reactjs development company
  • Founded: 2005

  • IT headcount: around 30 developers, including around 15 x ReactJS developer

  • Location: Gdansk, Poland

  • Average Hourly Rate: $50 - $90

  • Industries: education, fitness, energy

  • Other technologies: Node.JS, AI, PWA

  • Clutch Rating: 4.9

Neoteric is a leading tech partner, offering innovative solutions to propel businesses forward. They provide access to top-notch software engineers, kickstarting projects and paving the way for success.

With expertise in building new digital products, enhancing existing ones, and integrating generative AI, Neoteric has an impressive track record of ~200 projects across 5 continents. Having built 3 VC-founded startups themselves, they follow a proven and repeatable process for delivering high-quality software products.

Neoteric's approach goes beyond mere coding, as they assemble interdisciplinary teams that take responsibility and manage the entire web application development process. Starting with workshops, they help validate business ideas and plan project roadmaps. Their UI & UX designers then create customer-centric products that users love. The development team, supported by a scrum master, brings these ideas and designs to life, ensuring a functional product that aligns with business needs.

In addition to web development and design strategy, Neoteric specializes in generative AI, including GPT-3 and GPT-4, as well as predictive algorithms and recommender systems.

Clients can confidently entrust their projects to Neoteric and focus on business growth, knowing that their software development needs are in capable hands. If you're ready to drive innovation and achieve business success.

10. WebbyLab

webbylab reactjs development company
  • Founded: 2011

  • IT headcount: around 60 developers, including around 40 x ReactJS developer

  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Average Hourly Rate: $30 - $50

  • Industries: IoT, web3

  • Other technologies: Node.JS, PHP, React Native

  • Clutch Rating: 4.8

WebbyLab, ReactJS web development company, is a software development company that specializes in building custom web and mobile applications, as well as providing other related services. One of the main services offered by WebbyLab is custom web application development. They have expertise in building scalable, secure, and responsive web applications using technologies such as JavaScript, Node.js, React, Angular, Ruby on Rails, and more. They work closely with clients to understand their requirements and deliver tailored web solutions. In addition to development services, WebbyLab provides other related services such as UI/UX design, quality assurance, and DevOps. They emphasize the importance of creating visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces that enhance the overall user experience of their applications. They also focus on ensuring the quality and reliability of their software solutions.


The right React JS development company can make a huge difference to your project by providing the required services, talent, and solutions customized to your requirements. If you go wrong in hiring a development company, your entire project can be derailed, and your budget will be messed up. Thus, conducting proper research and exploring multiple options is important before zeroing in on one company.

Some of the top Reactjs development companies worldwide are listed above. Based on the scale and needs of your project, you can take a pick and start your React development with the assurance of quality, management, and reasonable pricing.

You can always hire in-house talent if their offerings do not satisfy your React JS development needs.

Focused Rankings in Key Technologies and Domains!

Our commitment to recognizing industry leaders extends beyond a single list. We proudly present our curated rankings, showcasing excellence across key areas in software development services. Whether you're seeking expertise in specific technologies or market sectors, our lists provide a comprehensive view of the top performers:

These rankings are a crucial resource for businesses seeking partnerships or insights into the current software development landscape. If you're interested in exploring potential collaborations or wish to learn more about these sectors, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team for expert advice and connections. Let our rankings guide you to the ideal partnership in the evolving world of software development.

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Matt Sadowski

CEO of Mobile Reality

CEO of Mobile Reality

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