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We say goodbye to 2021 and welcome the future ahead

A few days ago we said goodbye to 2021 and we’re starting a completely new 2022 adventure. In Mobile Reality, time passes surprisingly quickly, because a lot is happening here, but only this summary showed us how much we have achieved.

Below you can find a detailed overview of what has happened in Mobile Reality in the last 12 months, e.g. what we are proud of, how our team has grown, what events we participated in, and where we got to know interesting business contacts. The most important thing in the summary below is also a preview of what to expect soon, as we are already sure that 2022 will be even more interesting. Let's read!

Our team has grown

Since our company was founded, we have not expected such a large increase in employment within one year. When we started our company a few years ago, we agreed that we want to be a small team, where people focus on interpersonal relationships, respect, and a good atmosphere. We were afraid that the rapid expansion of the team would change our organizational culture, but the growing portfolio of clients/tasks meant that we had to enlarge the team and in 2021 we increased by over 30%. Amazing growth that confirmed that our fears were not right and that even with such a large increase, we manage to keep the team engaged and our work culture is something the team values the most. 

Where have we been and what have been doing?

In 2021, we participated in so many great events and meetings that if we wanted to list them all, reading this article would take much longer than we would like. In the summary below, we focused on events that were special to us. Let’s see what it is:

  • We celebrated Mobile Reality's 5th birthday - a great opportunity to celebrate, but due to Covid, we had to celebrate the company's birthday online. Fortunately, this summer we met with the whole team in Warsaw.

MRDay - at the end of November we met to summarize the whole year of work. We met to have fun, set plans for the upcoming future, and make a professional photoshoot of our team. It was a great and funny team meeting.

  • Web Summit - Lisbon - is an annual technology conference, where we had the opportunity to participate and expand our network of contacts all over the world. Web Summit is such a big event so we have met clients and established potential cooperation with people from USA, Portugal, United Kingdom, or France.

  • CREtechLondon2021 - London - Europe's most important proptech networking conference, where we met many leaders of this market and share with them our experience in proptech sector.

  • GITEX Technology Week - Dubai - The World's Largest Enterprise&Government Tech Event, where we had the opportunity to talk and exchange knowledge with people from all over the world. At the same time, we increased our knowledge of the latest top technological innovations and we had a chance to check the local market and culture.

  • Dev.js Summit 2021 - we had the opportunity to become a silver sponsor of this event and share and learn something new. We have met many young talents who are taking their first steps in the IT market.

  • Code Europe - our developers took part in one of the largest programming conferences in Poland where they were able to increase their knowledge about the latest trends and technologies.

  • SODA - Software Development Association Poland Conference - as a member of this association, we had the opportunity to participate in a conference where we could share thoughts about the market situation, participate in great speeches and especially meet new members of this great society.

 We have a lot to be proud of

2021 has brought us many reasons to be proud and happy when it comes to sales, projects, and the development of our #MRteam. In March, we started our activities related to the NFT/Blockchain area and our team entered this topic with curiosity and commitment. We started working on our products and the expansion of the NFT market.

Considering our team, we are proud that the work of our CEO Mateusz and COO Marcin allows us to develop a great company culture and an individual approach to the employee. At Mobile Reality, we all work remotely, and still, our team is well-coordinated and wants to work together. We are proud of it and we are glad that amazing people join us.

The last thing we want to boast about is the company's 5th birthday. Of course, it was a reason to organize a small event, but it is also a reason to be proud, because of the hard work of the whole team, we have developed strong relationships with our clients, we have increased the number of people in the team and we offer our services to clients from all over the world. We are amazed.  

What do we need to work on in the future?

There is no such thing as a failure. We were able to successfully implement many things, and if something needs improvement, we change it immediately. If we have to reflect on one thing that we would like to strengthen in 2022, it would be even more attention and care for our team members. What do we mean? We talk to each of our employees regularly during evaluations, because we want them to develop and acquire new skills, and to work and communicate as well as possible in a remote work environment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes there are reasons beyond the company's/employee's control. Sometimes the company cannot provide everything the employee would need, and it happens that the employee is unable to deliver everything we want. We realize that each of our #MRTeam members can’t achieve 100% of professional and private goals, but we know that we are doing everything we can to make our team grow and in 2022 we’ll focus even more so that the team would be stronger, and more qualified.

Plans for 2022

Our plans for 2022 are no different from those we had in 2021 and which we have implemented. In the new year, we’ll focus on the further development of our skills, increasing the number of people in the team to 40 people, and further expansion on the EU and US markets (let’s see where you can meet us in 2022). In 2022, we plan to enter the NFT market even more and develop products under the Mobile Reality brand. If you want to create a Mobile Reality future with us, check here who we are looking for and join us!

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CEO of Mobile Reality

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