BusinessHow we’ve motivated our #MRTeam to work out and at the same time helped our our environment & animals??

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How we’ve motivated our #MRTeam to work out and at the same time helped our environment?

We all know that daily physical activity is essential for balance, good health, and well-being. Especially when we work remotely and we can’t even make a simple walk from the bus stop to the office. Although many companies offer their employees some benefits for sports activities, sometimes it’s not enough, and team members lose their motivation to continue exercising. 

In Mobile Reality, we care and focus on #MRTeam work-life balance, which is closely related to health and physical condition. We’ve been providing our employees with Multisport cards for a long time, and that’s why our #MRTeam is so active. However, we know well that just having a sports card is not what practicing sports is all about. 

In mid-summer 2021, knowing that cold days and no motivation are coming, we’ve decided that in the fall we would involve the team in an action that would result in something more than just losing weight. 

Is it possible to exercise and help?

As soon as we found out that there were applications on the market that help integrate the team, improve physical and health conditions, and at the same time help others, we knew that it was the perfect solution for #MobileReality. We’ve heard about the Activy app some time ago, so as soon as the idea of ​​the company's #MRivalary appeared, we knew that this app would be the best option for us. This app, from activating users to sports training, allows you to organize various types of challenges that you can change into real support for others. It was obvious for #MRTeam that we wanted to combine both things, so we chose animal help and the support of the Viva! Foundation. 

How did we start with it? We launched a challenge in Activy and we started collecting points for all sports training related to running, cycling, and other exercises. We invited all #MRTeam members to the challenge.

What is Activy?

Activy is a mobile app where employees receive points for their sport activity and their regularity. Using the app, you can verify your progress, check reports and statistics, or rank team members. At Mobile Reality, we wanted our employees to be able to choose the best solution for them. Do you prefer walking over gym exercises, or maybe gym training rather than cycling? We received points for each activity, which resulted in great team results, and what’s more, the best people collected almost 8,000 points!

Was it worth competing in the team? 

The effects have exceeded our expectations and so far we are delighted that we managed to achieve such an impressive result in just 2 months of our competition. Even though 20 active members of #MRTeam ran 2075.4 km and cycled 744.5 km, we managed to collect a total of 1000 PLN for a charity, which has already been donated to the Viva! Foundation. We are proud because of meeting our financial goal, but especially because, we managed to involve our employees, who showed that they can have fun and fight for an honorable purpose. 

What are our plans for 2022 with Activy?

It’s only the beginning of January and it’s still cold outside, but we’re planning another sports challenge in spring with other training and support for the neediest. At the moment, we just started planning, but we already know that the goal of the competition will certainly be important for our #MRTeam and for sure we will use Activy to implement it.

In 2022, we also want to add mental health to all of this, because is extremely important to us in the context of well-being and work-life balance. We want to connect both mental and physical health by providing our employees with a tool that will allow them to take care of sleep, breath, and peace of mind. In this case, Activy also brings us the solution - their new product Mindy. Mindy is an app that has many functionalities like breathing exercises, courses from certified trainers in the areas of mindfulness, relieving stress, productivity, and relationships. Will we be using the Mindy app in 2022? Hmmm… We are testing this app for now, but everything indicates that the application will be one of the favorites in the #MRTeam in 2022. 

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