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When you’re working on your new app project - time matters! That’s where React Native libraries can be your savers, time-savers. The React Native community is known as one of the more vibrant open source communities on the web and GitHub shows that React Native repository is one of the top-rated repos based on the number of contributors. There are plenty of different modules and third-party libraries for almost anything you want to implement in your next mobile app project.

We’ve chosen 5 top powerful React Native libraries that will save your time and make your life easier ;) 

  1. Shoutem UI Toolkit

Shoutem UI Toolkit is a set of React Native Kit user interfaces consisting of three parts: user interface components, themes and component animations. In fact, this library is a set of easily configurable cross-platform components for iOS and Android. In addition, you can create complex components here without defining styles manually.

2. NativeBase This is one of the most popular React Native libraries, providing dozens of cross-platform components. When using NativeBase, you can operate with your own third-party libraries, although the project itself is a system rich in additional features: there are convenient start kits, customizable theme templates and much more.

3.  React Native Elements

One of the most convenient tools. The authors of the library state that its essence is in the structure of components, not in design: fewer templates, but full control over the displayed information, this helps to reduce the entry threshold for beginners and speed up the work of experienced specialists. This is an example of an application that shows all the components in action.

4. React Native UI Kitten

UI Kitten is a React Native UI Library that allows you creating stunning multi-brand cross-platform mobile applications. The library is based on Eva Design System which brings consistency and scalability in the design and development process. It contains a set of general purpose UI components styled in a similar way. And the most awesome thing: the themes can be changed in the runtime, with no need to reload the application.

5. Lottie for React Native

Lottie is a library from Airbnb for mobiles to help you add animations to your apps. Normally, after creating animations in Adobe After Effects, you’ll need to convert them into a format usable in your web app. Lottie helps you with this.

It works by exporting animation data in JSON format from an After Effects extension, BodyMovin. This extension is bundled with a JS player to render animations on the web. It works with React Native too, and you can access the official docs on Github where it has garnered close to 12,000 stars.

Lottie libraries and plugins are available for free, and you can use the curated collection of animation files to make your apps attractive and interesting. The animation files are small in size and are in vector format. As such, you should not experience any impact on the performance of your app. At the same time, it can spice up your UI and make it more visually appealing.


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